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In the flower capital, the people of Wan are listening to Dr. Vegapunk's message when they find Den Den Mushi among Orochi's possessions. Momonosuke is surprised to learn that Joy Boy was a pirate just like Luffy, and Kin'emon asks him if he knows what the scientist is talking about. Elsewhere, at the G-4 Marine base, the Fake Straw Hat Crew (now posing as the Kid Pirates), who are trapped, talk about how "Kid" could easily take Joy Boy since he's now dead. Dr. Vegapunk's message continues as he reveals that he has only deciphered a handful of Poneglyphs, but he has managed to discover from them that they tell the history of a great war in the distant past. During that time, Joy Boy fought against the founders of the World Government, then simply known as the "Allied Powers", made up of twenty separate kingdoms. As they speak, Mars begins to use his Haoshoku Haki to incapacitate the various Den Den Mushi inside the lab to stop the broadcast, but continues to play. Dr. Vegapunk says that the alliance these kingdoms formed was the only way they could stand against Joy Boy and the faction he belonged to. However, he does not know why this conflict occurred, nor does he take sides with any of the combatants, but he does know that the war was a clash of two different ideologies. He then brings up the kingdom that Joy Boy lived in and how advanced it was, saying that the weapons it created during that conflict are beyond his ability to replicate, which is a problem. As part of Labophase, Edison contacts Stussy and tells her to lower the Frontier Dome barrier and escape. She declines as she still needs to help the Straw Hats escape, but Edison tells her that it's no use against the Elder Five and they've done all they can for the crew anyway. Speaking of which, Jinbe is still heading towards the ship carrying Zoro, the former apologizing to Nami for taking so long. He informs them to hurry as Marine ships are beginning to blockade the northeast coast. Stussy is relieved to hear they have a chance to get out as Edison demands she run, but Stussy tells Edison now that Stella is dead, she feels she has no purpose anymore. On the shore, Nusjuro breaks free from the giants' grip and tries to defeat the giant Bonney, but Franky gets her out of the way of his slashing attack, which cuts off the ship's rudder just as Bonney returns to normal. Dr. Vegapunk continues, saying that the defeat of Joy Boy marked the end of the Void Century as Nusjuro leapt high into the air and unleashed a powerful slashing attack that cut Labophase in half, causing all the captured Cipher Pol and Seraphim agents to fall down. which the marines see and try to save. Dr. Vegapunk then says that the world never recovered from the effects of the war. Dr. Vegapunk acknowledges how difficult it is to travel from place to place in the world because the sea is treacherous and forces people to choose to live and die in their place of birth rather than discover new cultures. However, he states that this was not the case 1000 years ago; a catastrophic ecological disaster occurred during the Void Century that sank the ancient world into the ocean, and the islands on which people live are nothing more than fragments of these land masses. Several people around the world the story of Dr. He doesn't believe in Vegapunk, although some consider him serious. Of course, Dr. Vegapunk admits it's hard to take his word for it, but he thinks this change in the world caused the Void Century, as sea levels rose 200 meters in that time frame. However, the big question still remains how such a flood occurred. Dr. Vegapunk knows that people's first guess is that it was a natural disaster, but in all his research he has found nothing to indicate that. Rather, he believes it was a man-made event, and his suspicions were confirmed after the earthquake a few days ago. Dr. Vegapunk states that the disaster that caused the floods was caused by the Ancient Weapons and it still exists today, just waiting to be used again, as if to say that the great war from centuries past is still ongoing.