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within the flower capital, the people of Wan are taking note of Dr. Vegapunk's message once they find Den Den Mushi amongst Orochi's possessions. Momonosuke is amazed to analyze that joy Boy was a pirate similar to Luffy, and kin'emon asks him if he is aware of what the scientist is talking about. some place else, on the G-4 Marine base, the fake Straw Hat team (now posing as the child Pirates), who are trapped, communicate approximately how "kid" ought to without problems take pleasure Boy given that he is now dead. Dr. Vegapunk's message continues as he exhibits that he has most effective deciphered a handful of Poneglyphs, however he has controlled to discover from them that they inform the history of a high-quality battle in the distant beyond. throughout that point, joy Boy fought towards the founders of the sector authorities, then sincerely called the "Allied Powers", made up of twenty separate kingdoms. As they speak, Mars begins to use his Haoshoku Haki to incapacitate the various Den Den Mushi in the lab to prevent the published, however keeps to play. Dr. Vegapunk says that the alliance these kingdoms fashioned became the handiest way they may stand against pleasure Boy and the faction he belonged to. however, he does no longer realize why this battle took place, nor does he take sides with any of the fighters, but he does recognize that the struggle become a clash of two unique ideologies. He then brings up the kingdom that joy Boy lived in and the way advanced it became, pronouncing that the guns it created at some stage in that war are beyond his ability to duplicate, which is a problem. As a part of Labophase, Edison contacts Stussy and tells her to decrease the Frontier Dome barrier and get away. She declines as she nonetheless wishes to help the Straw Hats break out, however Edison tells her that it's no need in opposition to the Elder five and that they've performed all they could for the crew besides. speaking of which, Jinbe is still heading toward the ship wearing Zoro, the previous apologizing to Nami for taking see you later. He informs them to rush as Marine ships are starting to blockade the northeast coast. Stussy is relieved to hear they've a threat to get out as Edison demands she run, but Stussy tells Edison now that Stella is useless, she feels she has no cause anymore. at the shore, Nusjuro breaks free from the giants' grip and tries to defeat the giant Bonney, however Franky gets her out of the way of his slashing assault, which cuts off the deliver's rudder just as Bonney returns to everyday. Dr. Vegapunk continues, saying that the defeat of joy Boy marked the stop of the Void Century as Nusjuro leapt high into the air and unleashed a effective slashing attack that cut Labophase in 1/2, causing all of the captured Cipher Pol and Seraphim agents to cave in. which the marines see and try to save. Dr. Vegapunk then says that the arena in no way recovered from the results of the war. Dr. Vegapunk acknowledges how difficult it is to travel from location to place in the global because the ocean is treacherous and forces human beings to select to live and die of their place of delivery rather than discover new cultures. however, he states that this became not the case one thousand years ago; a catastrophic ecological catastrophe passed off at some stage in the Void Century that sank the ancient global into the sea, and the islands on which people stay are nothing more than fragments of those land masses. numerous humans round the world the story of Dr. He would not believe in Vegapunk, even though some don't forget him serious. Of path, Dr. Vegapunk admits it is hard to take his word for it, but he thinks this alteration within the global prompted the Void Century, as sea degrees rose two hundred meters in that time frame. but, the large query nonetheless stays how any such flood befell. Dr. Vegapunk knows that humans's first guess is that it turned into a natural catastrophe, but in all his research he has discovered nothing to suggest that. alternatively, he believes it changed into a man-made event, and his suspicions were showed after the earthquake a few days ago. Dr. Vegapunk states that the disaster that brought about the floods turned into due to the historic guns and it nonetheless exists today, just waiting to be used again, as if to say that the high-quality war from centuries beyond is still ongoing.