Read One Piece Manga Chapter 1114


The environmental threat in One Piece feels realistic and resonates with fans who worry about rising sea levels in the real world. Dr. Vegapunk reveals that Joy Boy was the world's first pirate, a detail that perfectly fits Luffy's character and mission. The chapter "The Wings of Icarus" lacks action and character development and serves as an exposition-heavy chapter in the overall narrative. The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1114, "The Wings of Icarus", by Eiichiro Oda, available in English from Viz Media. The last handful of chapters of the One Piece manga deal with the big message of Dr. Vegapunk of the world. As of Chapter 1114, this report has been ongoing, much to the chagrin of the Navy and World Government. This is the second chapter that contains the message of Dr. Vegapunk in the middle of the fight for Egghead Island, and while the revelations are interesting, there's a lot left on the table to be revealed in later chapters. This was to be expected, but may be disappointing to some readers. Using the knowledge gained from Ohara before the deadly Buster Call incident, Dr. Vegapunk is ready to share the World Government's most terrifying secrets about its past, including the Void Century. Its message has a strong environmental theme that, while fictional and based on unnatural phenomena, may resonate with One Piece readers who fear that the real world is suffering an environmental disaster. That's a great twist for "The Wings of Icarus," even if it doesn't leave much room for any real action. The main threats and antagonists in One Piece are generally people with specific plans in mind, usually with regional implications. Examples abound in the story, from Arlong taking over Namie's village and Don Krieg, the captain of the fleet attacking Baratie, not to mention Sir Crocodile's plans for Alabasta and Hoda Jones terrorizing Fish-Man Island after One Piece's two-year skip. Few threats in the series extend beyond a specific island, ship, or group of characters, but One Piece raises the stakes in its Final Saga to affect the entire world. Chapter 1114 makes this fact very clear through character dialogues. Unfortunately, there aren't any great visuals to back it up, but the facts alone are enough to heighten the tension for what's to come. In chapter 1114, Dr. Vegapunk elaborates on his warning about the entire world sinking into the sea. Listeners around the world are commenting on this idea even more. In particular, Warden Magellan and the imprisoned Donquijote Doflamingo comment on this impending disaster inside the mighty Impel Down prison. Doflamingo states that a mere five meter rise in sea level would destroy most of the cities in the entire world of One Piece, destroying countless nations and economies and throwing the world into chaos at the very least. Sea levels are already rising by one meter, and that alone is enough to seriously damage low-lying areas such as coastal cities and the island of Water 7. Now the race is on to see if the heroes of One Piece can find the cause of this ecological disaster and stop it , or at least help with the evacuation of people in threatened areas. While the latest chapter of One Piece suggests that this is an unnatural phenomenon, the threat of rising sea levels may still resonate with fans concerned about real-life climate change, with rising sea levels and flooded coastal areas already being a major concern for many. . For all its supernatural and larger-than-life elements, One Piece can remarkably resonate with the real world as fans know it, making the plot and stakes that much more palpable. The series has previously touched on themes such as slavery and government oppression, and now environmental themes take center stage as the final world war approaches. Fans may already be strained to juggle so many villains and plots, but there's definitely room for a new and serious threat like an environmental disaster. For years, One Piece has been teasing fans with serious and obviously important mysteries about how the world came to be, from an ancient kingdom to the nature of One Piece's fabled treasure to the Void Century. In fact, the World Government summons the wrath of the Buster Call just to keep the Void Century secret, as Nico Robin knows all too well. But Dr. Vegapunk is privy to Ohara's discoveries about the Century of the Void and shares some key details about it in a report from Chapter 1114. Of course Dr. Vegapunk can't reveal every single detail about the Void Century and the Ancient Kingdom in chapter 1114 because it would lead to a clumsy listing of information that would break the flow. Chapters like these are already heavy on monologues and exposition, so some limited revelations are fine. Above all, One Piece can continue to save some of its juiciest plot twists and reveal later when the time is right, which is something every fan can now look forward to. While Dr. Vegapuk admits he can't reveal anything, he does reveal enough to make "Wings of Icarus" a pretty impressive chapter. In this case, he reveals another key detail about the mysterious Joy Boy - that Joy Boy was the world's first pirate. Looking back, it makes perfect sense that Joy Boy was a pirate, and not just because One Piece is always about pirates. The protagonist Monkey D. Luffy is the embodiment of Joy Boy due to his consumption of Gum-Gum Fruit and his enlightened transformation with Gear 5. If Luffy is a freedom-loving pirate, then of course the original Joy Boy was also a pirate. . Luffy decided to become a pirate in the first place to enjoy his own freedom as a carefree ESTP hero, and he extends that freedom to the downtrodden people on the islands he visits. For Luffy, piracy and freedom are synonymous, so when Joy Boy becomes the first pirate, the Luffy/Joy Boy/pirate paradigm closes.