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The people of the world are shocked by Dr. Vegapunk's declaration that there are world-sinking weapons somewhere in the world, and even more shocked by his claim that the war from centuries ago is still ongoing and secret, despite everything from that time. a period that should now be dead. Dr. Vegapunk changes topics to apologize for something else he feels responsible for. Dr. Vegapunk states that his goal was to create an energy source that could help humanity progress, and although it remains unfinished, he was proud to have created such a source in the mother flame and that one day its power would be used in a way that benefited him the whole world. However, he reveals that the fragment has been stolen, for which he takes responsibility. As for Stussy, they are still talking to Edison as they comment on Nusjur's attack on Labophase. Suspecting that one of the Five Elders is on the way, Edison begs Stussy to run. However, he asks if he's okay, dismissing Kaku as he doesn't want him to suffer the consequences of the event, though he promises to stop him from chasing the Straw Pirates, even though he doesn't suspect his priorities are towards that. Edison accepts Stussy's wishes and apologizes for forcing her to turn to Cipher Pol, seeing them as friends. However, he tells her that her inner turmoil is proof that she is a human being and wishes that she would find a way to keep living, which Stussy tearfully acknowledges. Dr. Vegapunk tells the world that two weeks after the Mother of Flame shard was stolen, a glow lit up in the sky over the Kingdom of Lulusia, and he later received word that the entire nation had disappeared, followed by a worldwide earthquake reading. This allowed him to conclude that the Mother's flame was used to power an ancient weapon, and although he does not know who or why it was done, he still considers himself complicit in this act of genocide. The world is shocked by the revelation that Lulusia has been destroyed, and some say Dr. Vegapunk that it wasn't his fault, but he says it confirms his theory that man caused the world to flood centuries ago. He then reveals that Joy Boy wanted to pass these weapons on to the next generation, who he finds insane due to their destructive power, and cites this as the reason why he cannot side with any of the combatants of the war. However, he states that the day when all the answers will be clear is coming, and that his words should be taken as a warning. Dr. Vegapunk then tells the world that while the Void Century is a mystery to others, there are some who know what happened and it is none other than the Roger Pirates. Elsewhere, York is completely confused as to how Dr. Vegapunk knew she stole the Mother Flame when she broke the memory sync with him. Besides, she knew that his surprise at her betrayal was genuine because he's a terrible liar and actor, so she has no idea when he got the data or learned that Lulusia was destroyed, and finally concluded that he must have known all along. otherwise it will not broadcast this message. York then realizes where the Broadcast Den Den Mushi is and informs the Five Elders that they are being guarded by the Iron Giant in Fabriophase. Dr. Vegapunk's message continues as he questions why the Roger Pirates didn't do anything to pass on the knowledge of the past after they learned it. As he says this, Rayleigh is seen drunk in Shakky's bar, killing himself and Dr. Vegapunk old men who shouldn't talk about stuff like that because it takes the thrill out of young people.