One Piece Manga Chapter 1085    
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Cobra is stunned by Imu's apparition as Imu reveals the meaning of the Will of D. and the spread of the Poneglyphs around the world and the actions that have taken place since because of Lilia's actions. Cobra, knowing he will not be left alive, reveals Lili's full name as "Nefertari D. Lili". Sabo attempts to intervene to save Cobra from Ima and the Elder Five, but is overpowered and forced to flee alone, but not before Cobra tells him his final request.

However, Wapol witnessed that he knew his life was in danger and ran away. As Levely draws to a close, Vivi is held captive by CP0. This is when Wapol breaks through the wall, allowing Vivi to escape by jumping into Wapol's mouth.

Im tells the speechless Cobra that they have two things they want to say to Cobra and only one thing they would ask of him. Cobra heard Imu's name and commented on how similar it was to one of the First Twenty. However, Imu refuses to confirm his suspicions.

Imu tells Cobra that "D." is the name of their opponents, but none of the people of the world who bear it know its meaning in this day and age. Imu says that the roots of this recent development go way back, which they say is due to a mistake Nefertari Lili made 800 years ago, on the same level as the Ohara scholars who investigated the Void Century. Imu says that it was all Lilia's fault that the Poneglyphs were released into the world and why pirates use them to find treasure. Seeing the release of the Poneglyphs as the "worst possible outcome" for the First Twenty, Imu wonders if this was all part of some larger plan. As the Five Elders prepare their weapons, Imu tells him that the truth exists in the letter Lili left, and they tell Cobra to address Lili by her full name as written in said letter. Realizing that he will not leave the room alive, Cobra announces that Lili's name is "Nefertari D. Lili". In no time, Imu stabs Cobra with what appears to be a tail-shaped arrow.

Just then, Sabo, eavesdropping on the conversation, appears and attacks the Five Elders with Hiken followed by Otebisha, but his attack is blocked by Imu and they all turn into large creatures. Sabo laments his inability to destroy them all as a picture of him standing over Cobra is taken to be published in the newspaper. Cobra calls Sabo's brother Luffy and asks why he saved him, and Sabo replies that the revolutionary army's conflict is with the corrupt world nobles. When Sabo asks how Cobra knows Luffy, he informs him that he helped him in the past. Imu and the Elder Five try to attack, so Sabo starts to run with Cobra, but he tells him to leave him behind. Sabo refuses, but Cobra explains that he must be able to escape if he is to deliver the message to Luffy and Vivi. Word is that Nefertari's family shares the nickname "D" and he knows what path Arabasta must take now.

Shocked, Sabo reminisces about his childhood and learning that both Luffy and Ace had "D". in their names. He is snapped out of his thoughts when Imu attacks Cobra and Sabo again, injuring both and forcing the latter to drop the former. As Cobra struggles to his feet, he recites the words of Lilia's letter as Imu finally kills him, much to Sabo's horror; Cobra's last wish was for Sabo to pass on what he saw and live on. Sabo eventually escapes, but the Five Elders' attention turns to another interceptor, Wapol. As much as he hated Cobra, he was absolutely horrified to be murdered by what he considers the World Government's biggest skeleton in the closet. Collapsed with fear, Wapol reserves it for life.

Meanwhile, at the Great Round Table, the kings are told that Cobra and Wapol won't be joining them, which some think is because Cobra was exhausted during his speech about abolishing the Seven Warriors of the Sea. Moving on to the next topic, Shirahoshi's brothers decide to take her to the Red Harbor so they don't have to deal with the world nobles anymore, though Shirahoshi was sad that she couldn't say goodbye to Vivi. Speaking of which, Vivi ends up restrained by CP0, after which she demands to be set free. The caliph who has been watching over her informs her that when he learns of her disappearance, she will live the rest of her life as a pet.

Vivi asks if Shirahoshi is okay, and Kalifa informs her that she escaped her ordeal unharmed, much to Vivi's relief. Jabra, who also followed her, claims that those who attacked Saint Charlos, Leo, and Sai proudly claimed to be members of the Grand Fleet of Straw Hats. He also reveals that Fujitora ended up helping several slaves escape, which angered the Ryokugyu so much that they started going after it.

As Vivi wonders what to do, Wapol breaks through the wall and begs to be spared, and Vivi takes the opportunity to escape by jumping into his mouth. The CP0 agents were stunned by Wapolo's sudden action and eventually realized that Vivi had gotten away from them. As he runs, Vivi asks him how long he plans to run for, and he says that if he has to, he'll run to the end of the world. The two then cross paths with Kinderella, who believes that Wapol is running away with Vivi.