One Piece Manga Chapter 1084    
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During his mission, Sabo meets up with Bonney, where they separate after discussing priorities. Meanwhile, Cobra questions the Five Elders about the fate of his distant ancestor Lili, one of the founding members of the World Government. Charlos tries to capture Shirahoshi again, forcing Mjosgard to be attacked by Sai and Leo. Imu overhears Cobra's conversation and steps out of the shadows, mentioning Lili, which shocks Cobra.

Sabo was defeating several guards at Pangea Castle when, to his surprise, Jewelry Bonney appeared in front of him. She told him that if they were after the same thing, they should work together now. Sabo accepted and revealed that he had heard that Bartholomew Kuma had a daughter. Once Bonney got the keys to the slave collars, she told Sabo that she had been following the actions of the Revolutionary Army, so she knew they were trustworthy in taking care of her father's body. Sabo handed the keys to one of Karasu's crows and told Karasu to relay the message that Morley and the others should get Kuma and the slaves to HQ as quickly as possible. As Karasu took the keys, he told Sabo to be careful. Sabo then asked Bonney what she would do next, and she told him that she was going to Egghead to see if Dr. Vegapunk could reverse his changes to Kuma's mind.

Before she could tell him what she would do if Vegapunk wasn't able to, Sabo sensed some guards and the two hid from them. The guards commented that they were understaffed, and one of them mentioned that some of the guards had seen the "Lost Chamber", which caught Sabo's attention. After Sabo and Bonney left the castle, Sabo wished Bonney luck and told him to take care of her father for her.

Elsewhere, the Five Elders asked King Cobra what he wanted to talk to them about. Cobra told them that he knew the world government was established 800 years ago when twenty monarchs came together with their families to live as one clan, the world nobles, and rule their world. Initially, the twenty monarchs treated each other as equals and set up the Empty Throne to ensure that no dictator from among them would attempt to rise, placing weapons in front of the throne to symbolize their promise never to sit on it. New royal families were then hand-picked to rule the nations the founders could no longer watch over, and to ensure a smooth transition, all references to the previous monarchs were removed from their home countries.

Cobra said that the only exception was the ruler of his own kingdom: Queen Nefertari Lili, who had chosen to stay to rule her people in Arabasta, which is why there are only nineteen weapons at the feet of the Void Throne. The elders confirmed his story and asked what he was up to, and Cobra said that in all the post-Void Centuria records he had managed to dig up, Lilia's name was not mentioned once. He believed that Queen Lili had not made it home to Cobra and that her younger brother had become the ruler of the country. At that he asked if they knew what exactly happened to her. Saint Jaygarcia Saturn said that because it was so long ago, the details of what exactly happened to her have been lost to the annals of history. Cobra then asked the Five Elders what the secret name of "D" was. meant. When an elder asked what prompted this question, Cobra revealed that Lili had passed down a short letter from generation to generation.

Outside in the public courtyard, Saint Charlos moved onto Shirahoshi and had Kuma chain her up. Charlos began to dance at his "success" and was overwhelmed by the thought that he would ride her everywhere and hurt her if she defied him. She began to plead for someone to save her, but the bystanders were too afraid to intervene and they all ran away, pretending not to have seen anything. Her brother Fukaboshi rushed to save her, apologizing for looking away before, allowing Charlos to possess her. His brothers Ryuboshi and Manboshi joined him, but Charlos simply told Kumo to shoot them, stating that he could buy permission to do whatever he wanted, especially against Fish-Men and Merfolk.

Rebecca and Leo saw Shirahoshi being ambushed and Sai asked Saint Donquijote Mjosgard if he could hit Charlos, to which Mjosgard said that Sai could and he would take responsibility for it. Mjosagard told Fukaboshi to control himself since he was of royal blood, but for Leo and Sai, since the two were pirates, Mjosagard thought it was easier for them to escape since they were not bound to any country. Charlos tried to shoot down Mjosgard for hitting him earlier, but Leo and Sai attacked Charlos at the same time, practically flattening him with their attacks. Everyone nearby began to panic at the possibility that Charlos was dead and that the admirals would be called. As Kuma was about to fire another shot at Sai and Leo, Morley suddenly appeared from the ground and subdued Kuma, asking them to go home together. Karasu arrived with the keys and Morley said they should all head down now.

Meanwhile, in the throne room, Imu appeared in front of the Five Elders (who were surprised since Cobra was still present) and sat on the Empty Throne, scaring Cobra when he told Imu Lili's name.