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When Wapol, Vivi, Bonney and Sabo escape Mary Geoise, Imu orders the destruction of the Lulusian Kingdom as he wished to use Vegapunk's creation Mother Flame and also desires Vivi. Back in the present, as Sabo finishes his report to Draco and Ivankov, detailing the events of his actions in Lulusia, Ivankov speculates that Imu is immortal and one of the First Twenty, and the weapon that destroyed Lulusia is likely one of the Ancient Weapons. Meanwhile, Mjosgard was executed for his crimes by Figarland Garling, the leader of the God Knights.

The levels end before the news of Nefertari Cobra's death was announced. His and Vivi's sudden disappearance prompts Igaram, Chaka, and Pell to search everywhere for them. Unbeknownst to both of them, Vivi and Wapol took refuge on a ship heading to the Kingdom of Eigis. Wapol contacts Morgans and asks him to pick them both up, which he agrees to as Wapol tells Morgans that he was now the subject of a manhunt for what he just witnessed in the Empty Throne Room. Vivi asks him what exactly he saw there, but he refuses to divulge that information, instead telling her to leave him alone and return to her own ship. Vivi refuses, understanding how dangerously persistent CP0 will be in recapturing her, no matter how much protection she has. She asks Wapol for the Den Den Mushi he used to contact Morgans so she can inform her father, but he refuses in a panic, saying it's the last thing she should do, further confusing her.

Meanwhile, Jewel Bonney sneaked aboard a ship bound for the Kingdom of Tajine, while an injured Sabo hitched a ride on a ship from the Kingdom of Lulusia. As the stories of what happened began to spread, the Elder Five discussed what to do with Sabo now that he knew the truth about the Empty Throne, as they also wanted to deal with the Egghead problem. Just then, Imu contacts all five of them and tells them that the time has come to use one of Dr. Vegapunk: Mother Flame. The elders agree that it's time to test his abilities, with Egghead potentially considering changing his response depending on the outcome. When they decide to choose a forest area for the test site, Imu simply says that they want the Lulusia Kingdom as the test site because of its close proximity, regardless of the people living on the island.

The five elders follow Imu's orders as their names and titles are revealed:

The warrior god of science and defense, Saint Jaygarcia Saturn, agrees to the preparations.
The war god of the environment, Saint Marcus Mars, notes that the citizens of Lulusia have shown sparks of rebellion.
The Warrior God of Justice, Saint Topman Warcury, says that this can serve as an example to others.
The Martial God of Finance, Saint Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro, says that they were free to use this power.
The martial god of agriculture, Saint Shepherd Ju Peter, adds that if they can, they can end any lingering conflict.
After Levely, Marine HQ received reports that both the Tajine Kingdom and Eigis were in rebellion. Between the disbandment of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and the uprisings in countries affiliated with the World Government, the Marines had plenty of work to do, although their military strength took a new direction with the Seraphim, models including versions of Donquijote Doflamingo, Gecko Moria, and Crocodile.

Back in the present, Sabo tells Emporio Ivankov and Monkey D. Dragon that once he arrived in Lulusia, King Seki and Princess Komane were immediately arrested by the humans. He himself was welcomed by the people and realized that it was because the people believed the story that he murdered Cobra. He wanted to tell them the truth, but seeing how the lie was fanning the flames of rebellion in the people, he couldn't bring himself to do it. Because of Belo Betty and other commanders of the revolutionary army, several inspired people decided to join him. Knowing he couldn't get his hands on Den Den Mushi's encryption, he rerouted his call through the island as he set sail, confident that the world government would be fooled into thinking he was still on the island even though in fact, he was just within reach of the island when they put out to sea.

Ivankov asks if the destruction of the Lulusian Kingdom happened during the call, and Sabo confirms it, adding that the people of the kingdom went into hysterics after losing their families. Disgusted that the World Government would so callously destroy an entire kingdom, the dragon asks how they did it, and Sabo reports that he saw a large shadow hovering over the kingdom, which Sabo believed was not a living being or a natural disaster, but something flies directly above the clouds.

Changing the subject, Ivankov asks for the name "Imu" and reveals that one of the First Twenty was Saint Imu of the House of Nero. Knowing that there is a way to give someone eternal life, they suspect that it has already been used on someone so that person no longer has to worry about dying of old age. Sabo begins to wonder if Imu is the same Imu that Ivankov is talking about, but says that it could just be a coincidence and the person has the same name. However, at the same time, he doubts who else could have the authority to command the Five Elders; the highest of the world's nobles.

The last thing Ivankov says is that he suspects that the object in the sky was a weapon and the only person he knows that could make such a thing would be Vegapunk. The dragon reminds him that Vegapunk would never create an obvious instrument of murder, but Ivankov says that he knows and suspects that it is actually one of the Ancient Weapons, assuming that Imu has lived since ancient times, he sees a possible connection. However, Dragon wonders why one would wait until now to use it.

In Mary Geoise, the world's nobles complain about lost food supplies, but at the same time, Saint Donquijote Mjosgard was executed for defending Princess Shirahoshi and the fishmen, and the judge was a man named Saint Figarland Garling, the former "champion" of God Valley and supreme commander of the God Knights.