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Sabo reports to Dragon and Ivankov about his earlier mission in Mary Geoise and that he had achieved his goals. As the two want to know the truth about Cobra's death, which comes back to me during Levely, while the Revolutionary Army commanders battled the admirals, with Vivi still worried about Shirahoshi's safety, Cobra prepares to meet the Five Elders.

Sabo tells Drak and Ivankov that his party has achieved everything they set out to do; they destroyed the symbol of the world nobles and declared war, rescued Bartholomew Kum and freed as many slaves as they could, and managed to destroy Mary Geoise's food supply. Dragon tells Sabo that his actions caught the attention of the Marines and set the eyes of most of their forces on him, while the influence of the Revolutionary Army spurred twelve nations to take up arms, eight of which were successful, except for Lulusia, which was destroyed. . As such, the Seven Nations no longer pay celestial tribute or export natural resources. Ivankov adds that the Revolutionary Army is attacking World Government supply carriers around the world to prevent resources from reaching the Holy Land.

Ivankov considers this a huge success because the people of Mary Geois can now see what it's like to be deprived of food and money. The dragon admits they won't cut off all their supplies, but they're definitely pushing them. Of course, he knows that the World Government will not accept this situation and sends the God Knights, which Dragon says is a real battle once they mobilize. Ivankov tells Sabo that he will be the main target of the Knights, while Dragon tells him that no matter what happened with the assassination of King Cobra, he is a hero in the eyes of the people.

The dragon says that in the eyes of the rebels, the authorities in the World Government are treated as the enemy, but with that said, he acknowledges that there are intelligent and just rulers; One of them was the Nefertari Cobra, but sometimes news doesn't travel exactly. Sabo admits it's a cold thing to say, but admits he can live with the way things have turned out if it helps fan the flames of rebellion, something Dragon admires. Ivankov then demands to know what happened as he shows a picture of Sab standing over Cobra's body in the newspaper and admits that everyone wanted to believe he didn't kill him.

In a flashback over a month ago, the revolutionary army attacked Mary Geois not long after the Levely began. Several World Nobles start running away in fear, and one tries to kill his slave because he was too slow, but is saved by Karasu, who steals Noble's weapon and tells the slave to run to the east of the city. The World Noble's bodyguards open fire on Karasa, but take no damage. As it turns out, Karasu ate the Susu Susu no Mi, which allowed him to turn his body into soot and reshape it at will. With it, he dispatches his attackers using a move called Obelisus. Meanwhile, Lindbergh uses his inventions to free several slaves when Karasu informs him that the admirals are on their way. Before long, Karasu finds himself fighting Fujitora using a move called Karasu Renkon to match Fujitora's gravity abilities. Elsewhere, Morley battles Ryokugyu, though several world nobles demand that Ryokugyu be more careful about collateral damage or else they hang him, forcing Ryokugyu to hold back. When Fujitora asks what he is doing, Fujitora reveals that he is about to summon a meteor, which Ryokugyu says is a bad idea.

On the outskirts of the city, Jabra, Blueno, Kalifa, Fukurou, and Kumadori, all now members of CP0, watch the carnage and admit how tough the Revolutionary Army is to deal with the likes of the two admirals.

Karasa is then contacted by Sabo, who was trying to get the keys to the slave collars at Pangea Castle. Sabo also tells Lindbergh that he sees Saint Charlos and his father Rosward riding Kuma and also tells him that Charlos still plans to make Shirahoshi his slave. Finally, Sabo contacts Morley to make sure everything is ready while he begins his plan to save Kuma and stop Charlos.

In addition, the Bonney jewels were running around the castle grounds looking for their father.

Meanwhile, Rob Lucci follows Nefertari Vivi, who is looking for Vice Admiral Garp to protect Shirahoshi. Vivi denies Lucci's help after he previously refused to help Shirahoshi. She also says that she's sure Charlos would try to kidnap Shirahoshi again and wants to make sure he can't.

Back at the castle, Cobra is told that only he can have an audience with the Five Elders. Pell and Chaka try to refute this, but Cobra makes them stand down and instead asks them to take care of Vivi for him and not let her out of his sight.