One Piece Manga Chapter 1035    
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Sanji's final blow blasts the Queen out of Onigashima, and the chef returns Chuji back to Soma before collapsing.

Meanwhile, Zoro finds the King's durability waning as the flames on his back are extinguished, and the swordsman's final attack causes All-Star to remove his mask. The two fight furiously as King remembers Kaidou saving him from Punk Hazard's lab, and the two form the Beasts Pirates. However, Zoro eventually claims victory when he knocks the king down with a Haoshoku Haki attack.

Sanji's final attack on Queen defeats All Star and he is literally sent flying far away from Onigashima as Sanji told him. Sanji then approaches O-Some and hands her Chuji, who kept him safe in his suit, for which he thanks him profusely. He remembers the time when he was preparing food for a mouse as a child, but just as he is about to ask O-Some if she was okay, he promptly passes out, prompting her to call someone to get a first aid kit.

Down at the castle, Zoro actually manages to injure the King and even cut his mask, as Zoro discovers the King's weakness: when the flames on the King's back weaken, he speeds up, but his defenses are lowered. At that moment, King completely removes his mask and reveals his face for the first time. Several beast pirates saw him and mentioned that the rumors of him being a Lunarian were true when they saw that he had all the characteristics of one; dark brown skin, white hair and of course black wings. However, when one of them mentions how the World Government will pay Bella 100 million just to alert them to the Lunarian, King uses Karyudon to incinerate them all.

Zoro gets to high ground and calls the king to attack his men as the castle is already burning. Zoro then asks King what race he is that the world government would be so interested in him, but King responds by transforming into his pteranodon form and telling Zoro that it's pointless because he's going to die anyway. King flies right at Zoro and the two go back to fighting in the air. Zoro admits that if this battle goes on too long, his sword will dry him out, with King admitting that he is also reaching his limit. Zoro tells King that he and his crew have spent enough time at the top that it's time for a new generation to take over, but King refuses, stating that only Kaido can be the Pirate King.

King then recalls his youth and how he first met Kaida. Back then, his name was "Alber" and he was held captive at Punk Hazard, where he was experimented on to test his durability. Kaido was also a prisoner there, but then he escaped from his cell and came across Alber chained to a table. He figured that Alber was a Lunar and that the government would never let him go. He then states his plan to leave and form his own pirate crew and asks if Alber wants to join him. In response, Alber questions whether Kaido can change the world, to which the soon-to-be emperor confidently declares that only he can do that. After igniting the device, the two escape. Kaidou then asked the young Lunarian his name, and when he answered, Kaidou stated that he needed a new name that reflected his power, so they rechristened him as "King". Kaidou also says that from now on, King is his right-hand man and promises to never sell him.

Zoro uses the King of Hell, Three Sword Style: Rengoku Oni ​​Giri, but King is unfazed as his flames once again burn brightly. King uses the Karyudon to create a dragon from fire, hot enough that Zoro compares it to the heat of magma. King locks his blades and tries to use the notches in his sword to steal them, but Zoro backs away before he can. King then moves at high speed and although he kicks Zoro in the face, Zoro slashes him again with One Sword Style: Yakkodori. King admits that Zoro deduced his weakness, and Zoro realizes that King is now blocking his attacks because he is now afraid of them. King leaps back into the air and declares that a mere human cannot defeat him as he unleashes Omori Karyudon, but Zoro uses a new attack called the King of Hell, Three Swords Serpent: Ippyaku Sanjo Hiryu Jigoku to not only slice through the royal dragon, but slash it along with his sword and part of his right wing.