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As King falls defeated, he recalls the moment after meeting Kaido, when Kaido learned that King thought he might be Joy Boy. CP-0 soon hears that all the All-Stars have been defeated except Tobiropp.

Meanwhile, Yamato lets Fuga break through the gate to the armory, attacking the guard Rokki, who rushes in while Fuga fights Rokki. Elsewhere, Izou arrives at the crawlspace on the first floor, where Usopp is overwhelmed by Kin'emon and Kikunojo's protection, allowing Usopp to take himself and the two samurai to a safer area. Raizo and Fukurokuju cast a 'paralysis jutsu' on each other, trying to see who would release it first due to the spreading flames around them. Apoo and Inbi continue to run while the CP-0 agents defeat Drake and Zanki, and the agents note that although Kaidou and Big Mom are still active, the alliance's chances of victory are slim, they may have to prepare a contingency in case of such an event. was supposed to happen. As it continues, Luffy and Kaidou continue to fight on the same ground.

As King falls after being slashed by Zoro, he recalls telling Kaidou that he believed he was a "Joy Boy" and asking him to remain the strongest while he himself would make sure he never lost until he became a Pirate the king. though this is before he falls unconscious when he falls off the island. Meanwhile, Zoro remembers the moment he promises Luffy that until he defeats Mihawk, he will never lose to anyone again. He also declares that if that's what it takes to not lose, he'll become the "King of Hell." He then uses the power of his swords to get back to the island before also passing out from exhaustion.

Flying Mary relays the information to Mary with CP0 Agent Joseph, who reacts with surprise that all three All Stars and all Tobiroppo members have fallen, but says that these victories are meaningless unless Kaidou and Big Mom are defeated. As events unfold, it is revealed that if Luffy defeats Kaidou, the flame clouds holding Onigashi will dissipate and the island will crash into the Flower Capital, exploding from its gunpowder shelter. The people are still blissfully unaware as Momonosuke continues to try to drag the island away. Another problem is that Kanjur's Kazenbo is making its way into the gunpowder stash and threatens to blow up the island. Luckily, Yamato finally reached the cache first, but as he expected, the last of the Numbers, Rokki, is standing guard at the gate. Knowing he didn't have time to get the key from him, Yamato told Fugo to knock him down, which he did, knocking down the gate and allowing Yamato to pass. He thanks Fuga and asks him to employ Rokki, which Fuga does.

Up in the attic between the first and second floor, Usopp has found Kin'emon and Kikunojo, but is under heavy attack from the Beasts Pirates. The two samurai beg Usopp to leave them, but Usopp refuses. He tells the two that he has never been able to understand the samurai's obsession with honor and dying with it, and says that he himself will fight for his life no matter how pathetic he looks and that it's not just a raid fight that has to yes, it's that too alive. The samurai are moved and take it to heart, and at that moment Usopp was stunned. Fortunately, he is saved by Izou, who praises his words. He shows the Kozuki family mark on his back as he tells the two samurai to keep believing in Luffy and live on. Usopp and Hamlet pick up Kin'emon and Kikunojo and run to give them medical attention.

On the third floor, both Raizo and Fukurokuju became trapped in each other's binding techniques. However, Raizo caught fire but refuses to give up. In the treasure vault, Orochi continues to listen to the song "Komurasaki" waiting for Fukurokuju to appear, and in the second basement, Scratchmen Apoo flees with Inbi. , as both Zanki and X Drake were defeated by CP0 agents. Joseph contacts them and asks for an update on the capture of Nico Robin before informing them of the All Star defeats and that they need to flee the island quickly. The agent also says that even though the alliance's chances of winning are still slim, they must be prepared to win because it will set the direction for where the world will go next. Meanwhile, Sanji is being treated by an unknown person and Killer and Bepo continue to fight the Beasts Pirates.

At the top of the Skull Dome, Luffy and Kaidou continue to fight, and while Luffy gets hit by Kaidou's club, he manages to put the Gomu Gomu no Roc Gun on him. They both fall to the ground and stand up laughing as they both admit to having a lot of fun.