One Piece Manga Chapter 1034    
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Queen reveals that she has the same special superhuman powers as Sanji's three brothers, and after demonstrating them, she activates Sanji's intended power of invisibility. As this happens, the oiran O-Some that Sanji believed struck earlier enters the area and Queen attacks her for rejecting his advances. Realizing that the Queen was actually the one who struck the O-Some, Sanji attacks the All-Star with Ifrit Jamb, who uses his newly modified body to burn hotter than ever before, hitting him with devastating kicks.

In the Left Brain Tower's Pleasure Hall, various geisha try to escape the battle between Sanji and the Queen, except for one who was injured, O-Some, who was looking for her pet mouse Chuji. Her colleagues tell her to put herself first and that she needs to escape Onigashima, maybe even Wan himself. Meanwhile, Momonosuke manages to catch Kaidou's flame clouds and decides that if he can't push the island back, he can at least pull it away from the Flower Capital.

On the Live Floor, the Samurai prevent the Pirate Beasts from escaping, and in the Pleasure Hall, the Queen unleashes an attack called the Sparking Queen, firing lasers from its eyes at Sanji, who leaps into the air to avoid it. He realizes that Queen's attack is mimicking Ichiji's Sparking Valkyrie, and then Queen uses an attack called Henry Queen, where she extends her mechanical neck towards Sanji and grabs him with her mouth, giving him a nasty electric shock, seeing that it mimics Niji's Henry Blazer. As an injured Sanji falls to the ground, Queen fires more lasers as he tries to avoid them all, Queen reveals that he wanted to show Sanji that he could replicate Germa 66's powers after donning the Raid Suit, and claims the Judge's children behind the culmination of his scientific work . He also reveals to Sanji that he wanted to defeat Sanji while wearing the raid suit simply so he could prove to the judge that he is a superior mind, which angers Sanji that he would force his feud with the judge on him.

The Queen then grabs Sanji with her mechanical claw and similar to how Yonji uses Winch Danton, she swings Sanji with Winch Queen, causing Sanji a lot of damage by smashing him through walls and bleeding him out. Eventually, however, Sanji quickly destroys the Queen's mechanical arm with a kick, freeing her from his grip. As Queen retreats in anger, Sanji reminds him not to put his family in front of him before being hit by Diable Jambe: Flanchet Strike, causing Queen to fall to her knees in pain. Sanji tells Queen that he in no way felt his kick from earlier, and as this fight went on for a long time, they both got weaker and weaker throughout it all. However, Sanji tells him that he has found his resolve and accepted his destiny and that he is not the same person he was on the Live Floor.

Queen tells Sanji to show him as she reveals that he too can turn invisible like Sanji's Raid Suit. Sanji admits that Queen has a lot of tricks before disappearing again, and Queen realizes that Sanji isn't turning invisible, he's moving faster than the eye can see. Queen expects Sanji to reappear when he runs out of stamina, just as O-Some finally finds Chuji. Queen sees her and reveals that he made her his "number one" after Komurasaki's apparent death and remembers that she refused his summons several times, even today claiming she had a migraine. When he approaches her while invisible, he declares that he will dish out another "god's punishment" to her.

Meanwhile, Sanji realizes in the air that he has more tools at his disposal. Combining his exoskeleton with his Busoshoku Haki, he creates flames on his legs hotter than before and called it Ifrit Jambe. As he makes his way towards Queen, he realizes that the one who injured O-Some at that moment was Queen while he was invisible. Filled with rage, Sanji attacks the Queen with the Collier, slamming his head into the ground and becoming visible again, which O-Some sees. Sanji follows with Basse Côte and then Paleron, Jumeau à Bifteck, Tendron, Flanchet, Queue, Poire, Jarret and finally Bœuf Burst, causing a huge explosion and sending the queen flying backwards.