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Luffy has Momonosuke take Yamato to safety while he continues to fight Kaido one on one. With Yamato's help, Momonosuke becomes more comfortable with generating Flame Clouds to keep them in the air. However, the two notice that Onigashima is collapsing due to Kaidou's power, and as the island heads towards crushing the Flower Capital in less than five minutes, Yamato tells Momonosuke to stop it with his own Flame Clouds.

Meanwhile, Zoro and King engage in powerful clashes that cause heavy collateral damage to the living floor. They eventually end up outside the Skull Dome, with King physically overpowering Zoro, but Zoro is able to cut open a small part of King's mask.

After his victory, Nekomamushi covers his eyes to return to his normal form as Carrot hugs him in delight. He advises her and Wanda not to look at the moon or it will transform, just as he wonders how the sky parted to allow the moon to return.

On the roof, Yamato and Momonosuke watch in awe as Luffy and Kaidou clash, and Yamato and Momonosuke remember Oden writing about how Roger and Whitebeard's clash split the heavens. Down in the castle, everyone panics as rocks fall from the ceiling. Yamato is also clutching his head in pain as he was unable to block Kaidou's attack by himself. Luffy calls Yamato to help Momonosuke (whom he keeps insulting despite Momonosuke insisting he can't change on the dot), and Yamato agrees, jumping on Momonosuke's head. Kaidou refuses to let them go anywhere and charges for both of them while Yamato tries to encourage Momonosuke to go, which he eventually does, with Yamato even blocking his father.

Luffy then wraps his legs around Kaidou's neck and Yamato quickly realizes that Luffy wants a one-on-one with Kaidou, so he jumps off Onigashima with Momonosuke. As Momonosuke cries in fear of falling, Yamato tells Momonosuke to hold on to the clouds because according to him, dragons don't really fly; dragons create clouds that serve as fulcrums for movement across the sky. Momonosuke successfully summons the flame clouds as Yamato destroys the falling debris. He then realizes that Onigashima is beginning to collapse as Kaidou's powers weaken and his clouds become unstable. Momonosuke tries to stop the island himself, but Yamato tells him it's useless, even though the two of them can see the Flower Capital from the air and it will be over the people's heads in less than five minutes. Yamato then tells Momonosuke that if he wants to stop the island, he will have to conjure up flame clouds stronger than Kaidou's, which Momonosuke finds impossible since he is still new in his form and doesn't even know if he has the same abilities as Kaidou. Kaidou. Yamato tells him that he'll have to take his chances and hope for the best, because according to him, if the island falls, everyone in the Flower Capital will be crushed, plus Onigashima is filled with tons of weapons and gunpowder, making it practically a giant bomb. Momonosuke panics and considers how to get Luffy to stop fighting Kaida, but Yamato smacks him in the head and reminds him that Luffy is already putting everything on his shoulders with his fighting and that he doesn't need any more pressure, meaning the two of them have to figure it out , how to stop the island yourself.

Down in the castle, King, who has transitioned into his hybrid form, unleashes blasts of wind far and wide, attacking friend and foe alike. Zoro tries to block his attacks, but ends up throwing him through the castle, though luckily Franky catches him. Franky offers Zoro help in fighting the king, but Zoro refuses. As for the Beasts pirates, several of them realize that the reason King got so angry is because Zoro broke part of his mask and no one ever saw King's true face. King heads out and attacks Zoro directly with his Tankyudon as Zoro tries to block him with Santoryu: Ul-Tora Gari. King wins and throws Zoro out of the castle, leaving him hanging in the air. Zoro uses Nitorya: Clear Lance to save himself from falling and the two land outside on the island. Zoro angrily tells King that he should have used his sword to kill him and demands so much respect. However, King tells Zoro that he is also to blame for breaking his mask.