One Piece Manga Chapter 1026    
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As Luffy begins to attack Kaidou, he tells Momonosuke to use his dragon teeth to bite the emperor; Momonosuke did so after facing his fear and causing great pain to the Emperor. Luffy loudly cheers Momonosuke and declares that the two of them will defeat Kaidou, which is heard by the fighters on the living floor, greatly encouraging the alliance.

Kaidou and Momonosuke's flight through the air results in the formation of storm clouds that block the moon and push Inuarashi and Nekomamushi out of their Sulong forms, resulting in Jack and Perospero gaining the upper hand in their respective fights. However, Luffy and Kaidou then engage in a clash that splits the heavens, resulting in the moon becoming visible again. The two Norse rulers then reactivate their Sulong forms and unleash finishing blows against their opponents.

The Fire Festival continues in the Flower Capital as Tenguyama Hitetsu reminisces about the time Tama told him she was leaving to help the Alliance on Onigashima, despite Hitetsu's protests. He hopes for her safety, unaware that Onigashima had reached the Flower Capital but was hidden by thick clouds.

On the roof of Skull Dome, Mary reports that Yamato is on the roof and in the sky, she sees two dragons, one of them is Kaidou, the other is Momonosuke, although she does not recognize him as such. Luffy also rode Momonosuke, whom Mary calls an enemy. Yamato thinks about this when Momonosuke tells him that he wants to become a monster like Kaidou to help Luffy, just as Kaidou unleashes a Bolo Breath on the two that Momonosuke barely manages to dodge. Luffy then says something to Momonosuke before jumping into the air and hitting Kaidou with the Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun, knocking him to the ground. Momonosuke thinks about Luffy's request, which was to bite Kaidou, and after thinking about the horrible things Kaidou has done to him, he gets the courage to bite into Kaidou's body, causing him to howl in pain. Momonosuke tightens his grip on Kaidou as he asks what he's doing, but even though he's scared, Momonosuke doesn't back down. Luffy then comes and punches Kaidou with a Haoshoku Haki coated fist.

Meanwhile, in the Treasure Vault and outside the Skull Dome, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi reverted back to normal as the overcast clouds obscured the moon. Luffy then calls out to Momonosuke, who was also heard by the samurai in the castle from Maria, and points out that he just bit one of the four emperors. He asks if he's still afraid of anything after doing something so bold, and Momonosuke realizes that he's not. Luffy then tells him to stop Onigashi in his tracks while he promises to defeat Kaidou. The Alliance and Samurai react with joy to the revelation that Momonosuke is still alive and cheer Luffy on, while Big Mom laughs at Luffy's claim and Kaidou is still in disbelief at the idea that he still has a chance against him. Kaidou and Luffy then attack each other with their Haoshoku Haki without even touching each other, causing the heavens and the heavens to split apart.

As a result, the moon returns, allowing Inuarashi and Nekomamushi to regain their Sulong forms, and with their Oden Ittoryu: Inu Spire and Neko Niko Bam, they eventually defeat Jack and Charlotte Perospero, respectively. Also shown to be still alive, Kurozumi Orochi reacts with shock at Jack's defeat before remembering that he is no longer Kaidou's ally.