One Piece Manga Chapter 1022    
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With only 15 minutes left before Onigashima reaches the Flower Capital, the Ninja-Pirate-Nink-Samurai alliance has managed to defeat the Beasts Pirates' Tobiroppo. On the third floor of the castle, Raizo confronts Fukurokuju, with the latter mocking his emotional state and willingness to follow a dead man. Elsewhere on the floor, Killer has destroyed most of Hawkins' straw dolls, which transfer the damage to another person. However, after another attack, Hawkins reveals that his current doll is bound to Kid, resulting in Kid being injured while fighting Big Mom. Hawkins is amused by Killer's dilemma and wonders what the latter will ultimately decide to do.

On the Live Floor, the King and Queen go on a merciless rampage against the defecting Beasts Pirates, leaving Sanji stunned and Marco exhausted. Sanji nervously waits for Miyagi's treatment of Zoro to show as he attacks the Queen again, and Perospero attempts to shoot Sanji with a sugar arrow, but is attacked by Nekomamushi to avenge Pedro. Some samurai attempt to take Zoro to safety, but are confronted by the king; However, Marco is able to hold off King long enough for the treatment to take effect. Sanji and the now healthy Zoro then unleash powerful simultaneous strikes against the Queen and King, both declaring that once they win this battle, they will see Luffy as the Pirate King.

The narration reveals that while the Ninja-Pirate-Nink-Samurai Alliance started with 5,400 people against the Beasts pirates' 30,000, the gap in power levels for the Beasts pirates has greatly decreased thanks to Tam's kibi dango strategy and the samurai's persistence, and now, all of Tobiroppo's members are defeated . The Flower Capital of Onigashima is only fifteen minutes away, even though Luffy has fully recovered from eating all that food.

On the third floor, Raizo asks Fukurokuju how he could serve someone like Kurozumi Orochi, and Fukurokuju replies that the Oniwabanshu exists to serve whoever is Wano's Shogun. He also counters that Raizo is simply fighting for a "ghost" as he slaps him with his long earlobes. Fukurokuju then tells Raizo that he is too emotional to be considered a true shinobi no matter how skilled he is. However, Raizo counters that it's these emotions that make him and his friends the Nine Red Sheaths. Raizo tells Fukuroku that on that day twenty years ago, they laughed, cried and died with Oden, turning him and the rest of Pochev into ghosts trying to fulfill their master's wishes. He also says that he is fulfilling this wish of his own free will, even if it means that he must perish, but they succeed in making Momonosuke Shogun and ending the cruel rule of Kaidou and Orochi.

Also on the third floor, Killer asks Basil Hawkins how many spares he has left, to which Hawkins replies that he's running low, then laughs as he says he's getting nervous. Killer then stabs Hawkins, but Hawkins redirects the injury to another doll, cryptically saying that Killer should consider whose life he is taking. As it turns out, the doll that Hawkins transferred the attack to was connected to the Kid, who was confused by the sudden stab wound that appeared on his body. Hawkins sadistically tells Killer that it would be interesting to see him kill his own captain without realizing it, but he changes his mind and sees him trying to fight back, knowing that the only way he can defeat him is to hurt the Kid as well. .

On the Live Floor, the Queen and King attack all the disguised members of the Beasts Pirates as Sanji was shot down by the two, and even he admits it's a tough battle. Additionally, Marco has also reached his limit and now the two All-Stars are looking for Zoro. Sanji finds Chopper with Zoro and tells him to run away with him if the cure doesn't work, but Chopper reveals that Zoro already got it, it's just taking longer due to his condition. Sanji continues to fight the Queen when the King orders Zoro to find and stop recuperating. Charlotte Perospero attempts to shoot Sanji in the distance, accusing him of forcing him to join the Beasts Pirates by not marrying Pudding. Just as he is about to shoot him, he is attacked by Nekomamushi (after Shishilian confirms Perospero's identity to him), who knocks him out outside so he can avenge Pedro's death.

Zoro is eventually found by the remaining loyal members of the Beasts Pirates, and the samurai do their best to keep him safe, but they are stopped by King, who conjures fire into his hand. Just as he tries to punch Zoro, his attack is blocked by Marco using Fujiazami. Marco then tells King that he heard rumors of a race of people who lived on the Red Line and could control fire, suggesting that King was one of them. Queen meets King and both try to attack him, but Marco does nothing to stop them. He says that from now on the stars will play on the stage. Just as he says this, Zoro, who has recovered, hits the king with Santoryu: Rengoku Oni ​​Giri, while Sanji hits the queen with Diable: Mouton Shot.

Both Zoro and Sanji then say that when they beat this battle, they will see Luffy as the Pirate King.