One Piece Manga Chapter 1023    
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As Zoro and Sanji begin their battle against the King and Queen, the Queen wonders how Sanji can use Diable Jambe without having to modify the judge, while Kawamatsu and Hyogoro note Zoro's uncanny similarities in appearance and abilities to not only the late daimyo Shimotsuki Ushimaru, but also the legendary Shimotsuki Ryuma. .

Meanwhile, Inuarashi throws Jack out of the treasure storage in the courtyard, where he is the first to be able to reactivate Sulong due to the explosion that caused the Ashura Doji to blow a hole in the Skull Dome's roof. Elsewhere, Nekomamushi overpowers Perospero and forces him outside, where he is able to activate Sulong as well.

At Tokage Port on the Wano mainland, the Heart Pirates believe that Kaidou has come down to confront them, but Luffy realizes that the dragon in front of him is a matured Momonosuke.

The samurai cheer for Zoro's return to action, while the beast pirates fear the All-Stars, who have been knocked down by Zoro and Sanji (although both are still conscious). One of the Beasts pirates tries to shoot Zoro but is knocked down by Kawamatsu. Hyogoro then informs his allies that no one is to interfere with Zoro and Sanji's battles with the King and Queen, knowing that they would only get in their way. Meanwhile, Marco looks at King and remembers the story Whitebeard told him about "God's Country" that existed on the Red Line long before Mary Geoise appeared.

Several pirates shot at Marco, but they got shot by Izou, who grabbed Marco while chastising him for dropping his guard during the battle, only for Marco to simply tell Izou that he expected him to help him. As they run, Marco asks Izou if he believes in God, causing Izou to retort that Marco sounds like Whitebeard while drunk.

The Queen and King stand up as the Queen tells Zoro and Sanji that they need a little more effort to take them and that there is a reason why he, King and Jack are classified as "Disasters". Queen opens fire on the two but they dodge but Zoro notices something on Sanji. Sanji tells Zoro that he felt weird after using his Raid Suit for the third time. Zoro scoffs that it will slow him down, but Sanji insists that he's fine. King takes the opportunity to strike with his sword, but Zoro blocks it, saying that Sanji owes him. When the Queen tries to hit with her Bridal Grapper move, Sanji blocks it again, saying that they are equal. After seeing Sanji's Diable Jambe, Queen says that she remembers Judge upgrading all of his children, believing Sanji's burning leg to be part of those upgrades. However, Sanji refutes his belief by declaring himself to be 100% human, much to Queen's disbelief as he believes only Lunars could burst into flames. Sanji says it's because his emotions burn hotter than any real flame and attacks the queen again.

Zoro begins to focus his attention on the King and tries to strike him, but the King blocks with his own sword. Zoro then sees that the lower edge of the king's sword has several notches in it that his swords catch in, allowing the king to simply throw them away, leaving Zoro open to being punched. Unfortunately for King, Zoro uses the sword in his mouth to block it as he calls the King a bloodthirsty brute. King replies that he never understood why anyone would stick to traditional forms and techniques in a real battle, which Zoro accepts, admitting that King never claimed to be a swordsman himself. Still, Zoro gets his swords back and tells King that he can't afford to lose to him. In the distance, Kawamatsu tells Hyogoro that he didn't protest too hard when Hiyori offered Enma Zoro for a reason that Hyogoro can also see. According to Hyogoro, Zoro not only has a similar sword style, but also closely resembles Shimotsuki Ushimaru in his youth, having inherited his swordsmanship from his ancestor Ryuma. Zoro also ended up returning Ryuma's sword to Shusui Wano, which Kawamatsu sees as fate, especially since Zoro is one-eyed much like Ryuma.

On the second floor, Jack fights Inuarashi in his hybrid form as he declares that he will let him sleep, while also revealing that he forgave him for lying to him about hiding Raizo on Zou because the country paid for it. Although tired, Inuarashi manages to throw Jack into the room where Ashura Doji's body lies, telling Jack that he would never be able to live with himself or return to Wano if he sold Raizo because everything he and his friends passed was for this moment in time. When Inuarashi also came out, he told Jack that he really suffered a lot in the past, but now the dawn of the world is coming and he doesn't mind dying for it. Jack then sees that Inuarashi has transformed into his Sulong form as a hole in the roof lets the moon shine down on him. At the same time, in the front entrance, Carrot and Wanda, who have recovered, see Charlotte Perospero in front. Nekomamushi then arrives, also in his Sulong form thanks to the moon, and tells Pedro to sit back and watch as he makes sure the moon is the last thing Perospero will ever see. Also on the second floor, Fukurokuju calls Raizo and the rest of the Pochevs a joke and there is no reason for him to serve a dead man's child. Raizo angrily tells Fukuroku that Momonosuke still has time to grow up, with Wano serving to mold it.

Down in Tokage Port, the Heart Pirates panic when they see what appears to be Kaidou in his dragon form, but Luffy, standing in front of the dragon, realizes that it is actually Momonosuke. As she cries, Shinobu explains that she gave in to Momonosuke's request and matured his body by twenty years. When Luffy asks why she's crying, Shinobu says it's because after she did that, Momonosuke now looks identical to someone else. Still, Luffy asks Momonosuke to help him take back Wano together, which he accepts.