One Piece Manga Chapter 1021    
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Black Maria overpowers Robin with a combination of fire, webbing, and physical attacks and begins to question Robin's usefulness once again. However, Robin is able to use the Fish-Man Karate attack she learned from Koala and Hack on Baltiga to put out the fire. Her giant clone then takes on the form of a demon, seizes Black Mary, and smashes her to the ground, defeating her. Brook then finishes Maria's minions with a single musical attack.

On the mainland of Wano Land, Luffy devours the meat stored by a nearby Caribou and regains his strength. Meanwhile, Momonosuke begs Shinobu to use her Juku Juku ability to age his body into adulthood so he can become a larger dragon, though Shinobu warns that the technique is irreversible.

Undaunted by Robin's new attack, Black Maria simply says that her giant form must be taking a lot of energy from her. Robin tells her not to worry as he plans to end their fight quickly and sends the arms at her with a Sea Serpent Snapdragon move. Robin manages to grab Black Maria by her spider legs, but before she can grab her head, Black Maria slams into her giant arms, causing Robin's main body to feel pain.

Black Maria recognizes this weakness and leaps to the ceiling while swinging her Wanyudo to damage her arms, just as Robin notices the venom on Black Maria's spider legs, causing her to retract her arms. This allows Black Maria the opportunity to restrain Robin's giant form with Marianet and then use Oshizumari to keep her giant form open and defenseless. She retools her brass knuckles and says she's a warrior at heart, and continues pounding into Robin's giant form, making her feel the pain herself.

Robin manages to disable her giant form but tries to use her giant arms to grab Black Maria again, but this time Black Maria uses Ikidomaria to block them and uses her fire-breathing spider part to ignite her highly flammable webs. she set fire to the floor again with her Atatamaria. Black Maria scoffs at Robin's claim that she would quickly end the fight by trapping her in her webs, stating that this is what she will get for defending Sanji, whom she still calls a disgrace. Black Maria asks if Robin can grow more "flowers" in this sea of ​​flames and if she plans to ask Brook for help, though Brook simply tells Black Maria to stop talking nonsense and become rare.

Black Maria ignores this and continues to pound into Robin's main body as she repeats what she called her empty luggage, with only her mind having any real value. As Robin endures Black Maria's attacks, she remembers her time in the Revolutionary Army and how Koala and Sabo wanted to teach her Fish-Man Karate and Ryusoken. Hack tells them to back off as Robin's hold is strong enough, but Robin decides to learn how to use his palms, which pleases them both.

Robin remembers using her palms when the crew was going to Fish-Man Island and the lessons they gave her. He uses Mil Fleur: Fish-Man Karate: Giganteum with it, creating a huge hand that slams into the ceiling above. At first, Black Maria thinks she missed because it came from behind, but quickly realizes that the attack was meant to put out the fire she started. Robin then shows off a brand new form called Demonio Fleur, becoming a dark colored demon with wings.

Black Maria immediately calls Robin's new form a devil, which Robin doesn't deny because it will help her protect those who count on her. Robin then grabs Black Maria's entire body and uses the Grand Jacuzzi Clutch to knock her unconscious. Hearing her screams, Black Maria's minions peer out of the wall of ice that Brook created and are horrified to see her defeated with a demonic looking Robin standing over her, scaring them all as well. Brook takes the opportunity to finish them off with Phrase d'armes: Orchestra. He walks over to Robin and helps her up when it is revealed that Mary was watching the fight.

Down in the harbor, Tokage Caribou, who gave Luffy a month's supply of food stored in his body thanks to his Devil Fruit abilities, demands that he and the Heart Pirates pay him better for it. The Heart Pirates ask Luffy if he can tell them about the status of their captain and Bep's group, but he is unable to properly tell them because he is stuffing his face.

At Momonosuke's side, he asks Shinoba for a favor, which is revealed to be him asking her to use her Devil Fruit powers to mature his body into an adult body, thus becoming a larger dragon. Shinobu refuses out of fear of how dangerous it is on Onigashima, plus if she uses her powers on him, she won't go back and still have the heart and mind of a child. Momonosuke says he doesn't care and says that if he doesn't intervene now, all of Wano will be destroyed.