One Piece Manga Chapter 1017    
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Tama speaks from the Live Stage to the tamed Gifters throughout the castle, ordering them to help take down Kaidou. This causes chaos to break out throughout the building as many Gifters turn against their crew members, leaving Tobiroppo without the help of his subordinates against his opponents. Queen tries to fire a laser at Tama but is stopped by Sanji and All-Star transforms into his human form to confront the Straw Hat cook. Meanwhile, Chopper, now extremely small as a side effect of his upgraded Monster Point, tends to Zoro with Miyagi and Tristan, and Miyagi offers Zoro a special medicine from Zou that will regenerate him very quickly at the cost of more suffering later.

On the fourth floor of Who's-Who, Rokushiki uses attacks against Jinbe and the fish man recognizes Tobiropp as a former CP9 agent who was later imprisoned. Who-is-who confirms this and reveals that he holds a grudge against Luffy because he lost his position with the agency for allowing what is now Luffy's devil fruit, the Gomu Gomu no Mi, to be stolen from a government ship 12 years ago. .

Queen sees Tama and wonders what she is doing on the Live Floor and yells at her to know who she is and where Bao Huang is. Tama eventually faints from fear and Usopp and Nami run to her aid.

On the fourth floor, Jinbe fights his battle with Who's-Who, who asks him if Jinbe plans to make excuses about his subordinates helping him. However, Jinbe told Who's-Who that he knew going into this battle that they would be outnumbered, so he never expected to fight him one-on-one. Who-is-who acknowledges his sentience and calls him a real pain, but Jinbe says it's his job to keep him busy. Elsewhere, Franky and Inuarashi fight against Sasaki and Jack as the two also have backup. Donors also find out about the waiters and pleasures on the live floor who have turned against them and storm the floor to deal with them.

Luckily, Usopp and Nami encourage Tama to wake her up, and she yells at all the Gifters she fed her kibi dango to be on Luffy and Momonosuke's side (Luffy shows the Heart Pirates reviving him while Shinobu comforts a terrified Momonosuke). She cheers them all on to help take down Kaidou, and while Queen is confused by what she said, sure enough, all the Gifters who ate her kibi dango, like Briscola, Hamlet, and Poker, start turning on the remaining animal pirates. across the whole island.

CP0 notices this turn of events and reacts confused as the other beast pirates react confused as to what is going on while Nami and Usopp praise Tama. Realizing that Tama was responsible, Queen tries to blast her, Usopp, and Nami, but is stopped by Sanji, whom Queen calls a "judge brat". Sanji angrily demands that he never say his name and asks if he was part of his crazy research team. When Queen asks if he's talking about MADS, he says it was a long time ago when he was changing into his hybrid form.

Sanji asks Chopper if he's okay and expresses his concern for him due to the fact that he reverted to a baby as a side effect of the new Rumble Ball, but he talks like an old man nicknamed "Babyjiji Chopper". He praises Miyagi for having a super recovery drug, but Miyagi tells Chopper that when it wears off, it will cause the pain to double. They plan to give it to Zoro, who knows about the side effect but wants it anyway, not caring what happens to his body afterwards and wants to fight now.

Back on the fourth floor, thanks to Tama, Jinbe can finally fight Who's-Who one-on-one. Who's-Who uses a hagan attack, but Jinbe uses the Karakusagawara Seiken to retaliate, only for Who's-Who to back off and counter Rankyaku with Jinbe blocking. Jinbe notes that Who's-Who uses the Rokushiki abilities that government officials have.

Jinbe also says that he heard rumors about a rogue CP9 member breaking out of prison and how strange it is that he would even be arrested. Who's-Who, who transforms into his hybrid form, confirms his claim by revealing that it was him, thus previously knowing him as the Warlord despite never coming into contact with him. He says he is happy with where he is now, but twelve years ago he had a rough time when he made a mistake, but he considers himself a genius on the same level as Rob Lucci. He tries to attack Jinbe with Gagan, but Jinbe dodges, admitting that his variations with Rokushiki are impressive, and while he regrets his situation, he doesn't see what it has to do with him. However, who-is-who tells Jinbe that it's because he declared himself a member of the Straw Hat Pirates and how it reminds him of his bitter past.

Who-is-who then reveals to Jinbe that twelve years ago he failed to guard the Devil Fruit that was being transported on a government ship and how he was shocked when Luffy rose to prominence two years ago. He then says that the fruit he failed to guard was the Gomu Gomu no Mi, which he saw him consume.