One Piece Manga Chapter 1016    
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Ulti, regaining consciousness, finds Nami, Usopp, and Tama and captures her. Zeus reveals that he inhabited Nami's Clima-Tact, and she works on using it to attack Tobiroppo. Usopp forces Ulti to free Tama by throwing a Pop Green, and Nami uses Zeus to finish Ulti off with a powerful lightning bolt. Nearby Bao Huang inadvertently reveals Ulti and Page One's defeats to the rest of the castle before being caught by Usopp, allowing Tama to use her Mary mask to teleport to the tamed Gifters. Meanwhile, on the roof of the Skull Dome, Kaida and Yamato begin their clash.

As the people of Wano celebrate the Fire Festival in the Flower Capital, Toko and Tenguyama Hitetsu attend as Hitetsu teaches her how the festival honors the dead and how they hope the lit fire will be seen from the heavens. Toko says that she hopes her father sees this and Hitetsu says that with the skies clear he's sure he can, he's probably watching over her and the future of the country as Onigashima continues to fly over to the capital.

In the visitor reception room, CP0 continues to observe the battle, noting that despite the supposed loss of Luffy's alliance, he is still fighting. The boss says that another total of 5,000 troops have been disabled, leaving the Beasts Pirates at 24,000 troops and the alliance at 3,000. Since the Pleasures and Waiters turned on the Queen on the Live Stage, the Beasts Pirates are now at 20,000 and the alliance at 7,000. The CP0 are amazed at how the gap in manpower has narrowed and how the tide of battle is constantly changing with new information.

Elsewhere, Bao Huang learns that Momonosuke has fallen from Onigashima and, thinking that means he is dead, is excited at the thought of breaking the spirit of the alliance. On the same floor, Usopp is amazed at how the Clima-Tact he created is now talking, though he thinks he's more of a genius than he's given credit for. However, Zeus explains that it's still him, just inside the Clima-Tact. Nami questions how this is possible when she saw him eaten and Zeus explains that after his soul left his body and Hera was about to eat him, Nami expanded the Clima-Tact and his soul inhabited it. Nami expresses irritation at having a sentient weapon and Zeus realizes that she still hasn't forgiven him, but points out that she can't leave without Big Mom's powers.

The three arrive at the stage but see Bao Huang and Ulti together, just before Bao Huang can announce Momonosuke's status, Ulti turns his attention to the Straw Hats as he charges for them. He knocks Usopp to the ground and grabs Tama, blaming her for their Gifters turning against them, just like Big Mom, and also blaming her for defeating Page One. As he starts to choke her, Nami swings his Clima-Tact at her, but Zeus lengthens it and even adds spikes to it, leaving Nami stunned. Zeus tells her that Ulti's skin is still tough, but no doubt Big Mom's attack left her insides all messed up, meaning that one lightning bolt should knock her out for good. Nami says she can't use an attack like that or Tama will get hurt, so Usopp fires Midori Boshi: Sargasso to separate them.

Nami takes the opportunity to create a cloud, but Zeus becomes the cloud. He asks Nami for a new name and she tells him "Fluff", but he ignores it and continues to call himself "Zeus", her right-hand man. He tries to hit Ulti with Zeus, but she jumps out of the way. However, Zeus redirects and hits Ulta, finally taking her down. A shocked Bao Huang casually announces across the island that Ulti has been defeated as well as Page One, eventually causing the Beasts Pirates to start losing their spirits instead. By the time she realizes her mistake, she is caught by Usopp's Midori Boshi: Devil, rendering her immobile and allowing Tama to broadcast her voice throughout the island.

Outside the Skull Dome, Kaido flies back to the roof in his dragon form and tells Yamato that Luffy and Momonosuke are gone and if he's going to play he needs to protect his pieces and if he was serious about getting rid of his chains meant he could leave. Yamato confirms this and says that he will join Luffy's crew after he drives Kaido out of Wano. Kaidou transforms into his hybrid form and tells Yamato that he will settle in Wano because he is special. He says Yamato has no chance of defeating him and should just accept defeat and become Shogun. Yamato refuses, saying that he will delay him until Luffy returns, calling him the one Oden has been waiting for. When the two meet, Kaidou tells Yamato that it won't be easy with him.