One Piece Manga Chapter 1018    
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With many of the Beasts Pirates defecting to the Ninja-Pirate-Nink-Samurai Alliance side, CP0 notes that the numbers now stand at 16,000 vs. 9,000 and thus the alliance is much less numerous than it was at the beginning. .

Meanwhile, Who's-Who continues to attack Jinbe with powerful attacks combining his saber tooth tiger transformation and Rokushiki. As they fight, Who's-Who brings up a legend he heard while imprisoned about the Sun God Niko, who was said to come and free the slaves from captivity, and asks if Jinbe knows about it because of the fishman's past leadership. The Sun Pirates and their slave origins. However, Jinbe isn't content with one who associates his race with slavery, and hits Tobirop right in the face with a powerful Fish-Man karate kick, knocking him to the ground.

Inside the castle, it is stated that a total of 300 Shinuchi with SMILEs switched sides and that the cause was a little girl above the stage on the Live Floor. The remaining loyal members of the Beasts Pirates notice her and think that if they kill her, her powers will be depleted. As a result, Usopp and Nami start running again. Fortunately, Daifugo comes to their rescue, and Speed ​​also arrives to offer a ride (though Usopp is forced to run on foot). Gazelleman appears and tells Tama that he has found Komachiyo and much to her relief she can entrust his safety to them. Nami and Usopp (who eventually got on Speed's back) admit that her powers are incredible to be able to turn enemies into friends. Zeus appears in cloud form and asks Nami if he can be her servant again. She initially refuses, but specifies that she wants him to be her sidekick. Filled with pleasure, Zeus begins to take charge and attack some members of the Beast Pirates, with Usopp saying that she picked up something amazing herself.

It is also stated that several of Shinuchi's subordinates are following them as well, bringing the total number of defectors to 2,000, leaving the Beasts pirates with 2,000 more victims. CP0 calculates the position and finds that the Beasts pirates now have 16,000 troops against the Alliance's 9,000, and that the Gifters' help could lead to an Alliance victory. Of course, CP0 don't care about who wins in the end, but they care about the death of who is who. Joseph asks if they have confirmed his true identity, adding that even if he was captured, the information he has is too old to be damaging to the government. Maha says that leaving him alive would look bad for them, but in the end they decide to see if he survives his fight with Jinbe.

Back on the fourth floor, Who's underlings start running away from Whom when they see how serious he is getting. He uses Geppou to get the better of Jinbe, who asks if his grudge against Luffy is because he ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi. However, who-is-who makes it clear that he hates Shanks because he was the one who stole her from him. He uses another Hagan attack which Jinbe tries to block. He unleashes their wave and says that Luffy wears Shanks' straw hat and has the power of fruit so he hates him too.

Jinbe is able to dodge Who's-Who's attacks, for which he praises him, but then says that he didn't expect the slimy Fish-Man to be so fast on land, a comment that Jinbe expresses in annoyance as he feels he is discriminating against Fish. -Men are not in fashion these days, for which some mockingly apologize. Who-is-who uses a new attack called Tekkai: Kibasen and tells Jinbe that he wants to ask him something. However, Jinbe grabs Who's-Who's mouth and rolls him up with the Hiki Shio Ipponzeoi and follows it up with Uchimizu. Who-is-who tries to avoid Sora, but still gets hurt a bit.

Who-is-who finally tells Jinbe what he wanted to ask him. When he was imprisoned, he was told to mockingly pray to someone for salvation. According to the story he heard, slaves in ancient times believed in a legendary warrior who would eventually free them, and he was called the "Sun God" Niko, who was said to bring laughter and freedom, but he didn't know if he really existed. He continues to attack Jinbe, saying that while serving his long and cruel sentence, he clung to the legend out of desperation to be saved.

Jinbe asks what that has to do with him, and Who-is-Who says it's because he was the captain of the Sun Pirates, which were crewed by ex-slaves. He also says that Fish-Man's history is also a history of slavery, which angers Jinbe. Who's-who starts using Shigan: Madara as Jinbe tries to block while the Pirate Beasts cheer him on. While attacked by Who's-Who, he tells Jinbe that one day the guard who told him about Nike disappeared without a trace, leading him to assume that the story was not meant to be shared. He also knew he was in danger, so he risked his life to escape. He tells Jinbe that he wants to know what he knows about the story.

Unfortunately for Who's-Who, his fingers shatter against Jinbe's Busoshoku Haki, and Jinbe grabs Soshark by Who's-Who's wrist, telling him that he has nothing to say to him. Who's-Who tries to use the Rankyaku to free himself, but Jinbe resists it, so Who's-Who tries to use Hagan, which Jinbe manages to resist as well, but lets Who's-Who go. Jinbe prepares his perfect technique as Who-is-who asks why he's suddenly so angry, but when he tries to back away, he trips and realizes that Jinbe is stepping on his tail. Jinbe tells Who's-Who that if he plans to make sweeping statements about history, he better be prepared for what he's getting into. Jinbe then hits Who's-Who with Gyojin Karate Ogi: Onigawara Seiken, knocking him down and causing the area to disintegrate.