One Piece Manga Chapter 1015    
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Queen and Charlotte Perospero are on the verge of overpowering Chopper and the Alliance fighters on the Live Floor, but Sanji then arrives and attacks Queen, causing All-Star's long brachiosaurus neck to twist and hit Perospero.

Meanwhile, as Kaidou finishes off Kin'emon by impaling his chest, Momonosuke realizes that the voice in his head is from Luffy. As he and Shinobu flee Kaidou, Momonosuke finds the frog Mary and uses it to broadcast Luffy's message to him: that he is alive and will return to battle. The alliance fighters rejoice and regain their confidence, and Luffy is found underwater by the Heart Pirates in the Polar Tang. Kaidou chases Momonosuke and Shinobu to the edge of Onigashima, and Shinobu uses her ability to break away from the ground she's standing on. Kaidou is then confronted by Yamato, who calls him by his name and expresses his intention to break their bond.

Samurai and Chopper cry in sadness and fear at the possibility that Luffy is dead, with several of them wondering if they should continue fighting and if Momonosuke is safe. Briscola, who despite consuming Tamino's kibi dango was still fighting against the samurai because he hadn't been ordered yet, says that it's not that the enemies are weak, it's just that Kaidou is too strong.

Izou and Kawamatsu know the message was meant to hurt everyone's morale, but Sanji is angry at how some of them are losing their will to fight. As for Queen, she beats Chopper and tells him that he was just playing with him because Chopper looked so sure he could beat him. Also, Perospero fires a sugar shower of sugar arrows, causing the samurai to run and cover in fear. Queen then exposes his teeth to have retractable spikes and calls Chopper a coward as he is about to kill him, but Sanji comes to the rescue and attacks Queen with Diable Jambe: Rotisserie Strike, slapping him around while deflecting Perospero's sugar arrows while he also knocks Queen into Perospero and knocks him away.

Sanji praises Chopper for standing his ground for so long when Chopper tries to tell him about Luffy. However, Sanji chastises him for crying and reminds him of all the miracles Luffy has done in situations like these. He hands him the bandaged Zoro, noting that it's worth at least ten men (to which Zoro counters that it's worth two thousand), as he says he'll take care of the queen when he identifies Sanji as the judge's son. The samurai can't believe how the Straw Hats are still fighting despite the announcement that their captain is supposedly dead, and Marco reveals that's why he likes them.

Upstairs on the first floor, Shinobu runs away with Momonosuke as a badly wounded Kin'emon tries to stab Kaidou with his broken sword. He recalls telling Momonosuke to call his father to hide his connection with Oden and how they finally managed to get rid of the illusion. As for Kaido, he asks Kin'emon what's the point of buying time and running as he stabs him in the back with his sword. He tells him that it is not easy to accept defeat, but he should accept his honorable death as a samurai.

As Shinobu runs and carries Momonosuke, she sees that he picked up the frog Mary, where he informs his allies that Luffy wanted him to tell them that Luffy is still alive and that he will be back, so no matter how they are all hurt. or if they have nothing left, they have to fight on because it turns out that the voice he heard before was Luffy subconsciously telling him that he would defeat Kaidou.

Momonosuke's words re-energize his allies as Kaidou finally drives him and Shinoba off. Shinobu uses her devil fruit powers to rot the stones and cause them to fall, much to his displeasure. As for Luffy, he was found by the Heart Pirates who rescued him. Tama cries with happiness that Luffy is alive and she, Usopp, and Nami run to the main stage, but Nami hears a voice coming from her Sorcery Clima-Tact as she looks down to see what appears to be Zeus's face.

Big Mom says that Momonosuke was bluffing and the war ended the moment he fell into the sea, but Law comes on the scene and says that since working with him for so long, he's learned to never give up on him now. . Kid asks Law if he's getting in his way, and Law tells Kid that they should just play nice and work together for now.

Yamato eventually catches up to Kaidou and addresses him by name, prompting him to tell Yamato to call him "father". However, Yamato declares that he has come to free himself from this so-called "parental bond".