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the release date for the subsequent One Piece Manga chapter, One Piece 1120, is ready for July 15, 2024. report 1120 is known as "replacement" A murder case is under investigation; child as Shinichi attempts to comply with Hakuba's logic, but Conan allows along with his voice changer, which youngster syncs with Agasa. Ran and Sonoko confront "Shinichi" about not telling Ran she's coming, however Conan uses his voice changer once more to inform Shinichi that he can not inform Ran beforehand of time due to the fact when he sees her face, he desires to stay through her side all the time. but then he did not solve the extreme crimes that want to be solved. Conan and "Shinichi" then depart, with Sonoko questioning that Shinichi's skills have advanced Conan and "Shinichi" retain to research, however all through a communication with Hakuba, child gets concerned and says some thing wrong. Conan attempts to interfere, but Hakuba puts his quit Conan's mouth and asks "Shinichi" if he's definitely Shinichi. the mistake the child made become leaping to conclusions and interrupting conan who changed into the usage of his voice changer when he said the victim dedicated suicide. Conan changed into surprised through this and reputedly did not want to say it, that means he knows it become a murder and committed by way of one of the three suspects, the wife, the secretary, or the head of tech. Hakuba replies that it was a homicide because it was tough for the sufferer to devote suicide the use of a silenced weapon. this situation may also have extra than 3 chapters due to the fact not anything on this chapter shows that conan or hakuba have solved the case and are ready to show the whole thing inside the next chapter like conan usually does. The criminal Police division has now not but arrived at the scene, its jurisdiction is not nakamuris, it will likely remain, but the meguris branch should come. this is another indication that the case will not give up inside the next bankruptcy. Hakuba and Conan mention three peculiar factors. First, within the right corner of the room next to the door, there's blood on the wall and ground, which shows that the sufferer become killed there, the peculiar aspect is that the blood stain is close to the ground, as though the sufferer was mendacity down. he changed into shot. the second factor is the odd position in which the sufferer sits whilst pass-legged at the throne. The third factor is a small blood stain on the curtain at the left side of the throne, this time at a excessive stage unlike the first stain.