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Bartholomew Kuma reached Mary Geois and unleashed an Ursus Shock attack that devastated several buildings. Sakazuki confronts Kuma when several world nobles appear to complain about the lack of food and demands that he execute Kuma for injuring them all in his rampage. Sakazuki tells Kuma that if the World Government can't control him anymore, they can't let him live. However, what he doesn't personally understand is his motivation because he has lost his confidence. As he says this, he attacks Kuma with Meig and destroys part of his face. Kuma starts to run, but Sakazuki fires a blast of magma that destroys one of his legs, but he still manages to teleport away. After she escapes, Sakazuki recalls the time they captured Bonney two years ago and tells her that Kuma volunteered to become a weapon, which Bonney refused to believe at the time. As the world nobles yell at Sakazuki for letting Kuma escape, they still wonder where Kuma is going.

On Egghead, the Sea Beast weapons are destroyed by the Pacifists, allowing the Marines to land. Transformed into Gear 4: Snakeman, Luffy attacks Kizaru with his punches, which Kizaru blocks, but even he admits that Luffy has become a formidable opponent since defeating Kaidou. Kizaru asks Luffy why he is protecting Dr. Vegapunk, but Luffy tells him why he wants to kill him anyway. Kizaru warps away from Luffy and admits that he personally doesn't want to kill him because he's known him for a long time, but he has no choice. With blinding speed, Kizaru kicks Luffy so hard that he flies into Vegaforce-01, completely destroying it and sending him into the Frontier Dome barrier.

The Thousand Sunny falls out of the hands of the destroyed robot as Franky, Bonney and Lilith run from the exploding robot. Kizaru confronts them, commenting on how much Bonney has grown and asking why she got in his way of killing Dr. Vegapunk, whom he is supposed to hate. However, Bonney grabs the wire and uses Toshi Tsuki, declaring that her target has shifted. Kizaru easily avoids her, asking her not to force him to hurt anyone else he knows, and then kicks her into the barrier as well. Franky charges a Radical Beam, but Kizaru has disappeared.

Realizing where Kizaru must go, Franky contacts Usopp to warn him, just as Dr. Vegapunk, Edison and Atlas crack the code to the Frontier Dome. Just when Dr. Vegapunk asks if Franky brought Vegaforce-01 and the ship to the other side of the island, Kizaru appears and says Dr. Vegapunk that his plans were foiled. He tells Dr. Vegapunk that this mission is hard for him so he doesn't want to drag it out, but before he can do anything, Luffy reappears after reactivating Gear 5 and using his Gomu Gomu no Gigant technique and grabs Kizaru by the hand. .

The sound of Luffy's heartbeat reaches Fabiriophase and the Iron Giant seems to activate in response to his transformation.