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The siege begins when several marines open fire on the Pacifist, but several ships are capsized and destroyed by the Sea Beast's weapons, prompting the vice admirals to take action. Dr. Vegapunk is confused that they would attack with Sentomaru on alert, leading the Straw Hats to realize that Kizaru was sent to take him out. Dr. Vegapunk apologizes to Sentomaru for taking on someone so powerful and says he would understand if he wanted to run away.

Speaking of, Kizaru kicks Sentomaru far away and uses Yasakani no Magatama to shoot out several light beams while still telling him that he should just give up. Sentomaru runs away from his attack as he states that he gave his word to the Straw Hats to fight him off. He grabs an ax and leaps into the air as Kizaru asks when he made friends with the pirates, and Sentomaru replies that he will side with anyone who offers to help Dr. Vegapunk to safe escape.

As the two fight, a flashback reveals that Dr. Vegapunk and Borsalino met up with Sentomaru after he beat up some of the bears they had to deal with. Borsalino figured that Sentomaru was kicked out of the local village because Sentomaru said he just needed a well-paying job that would allow him to buy as much onigiri as he wanted, so Dr. Vegapunk asks Sentomaru to be his bodyguard. accepts with joy.

Back in the present, Kizaru comments on how cute Sentomaru was back then and how he taught him to fight as best he could, just as Sentomaru gets hit by the Ashigara Palm. Kizaru holds on and blasts Sentomaru to the ground, defeating him. Afterwards, Kizaru takes Sentomaru's command chip and orders the Pacifist to turn on the Sea Beast's weapons and defend the marines, which they begin to do. Saturn witnesses this and tells Kizaru to inform him of all the victims.

At Labophase, everyone witnesses Sentomaru's defeat, but Dr. Vegapunk, Edison, and Atlas continue working to destroy the Frontier Dome. Dr. Vegapunk also reveals to the Straw Hats that since Kizaru is made of light, he can easily slip through the laser barrier, which he eventually does. His presence sets off an emergency siren that alerts Luffy's group as they continue their journey to the back of the island. The Straw Hats try to warn Luffy to speed up, but Rob Lucci makes his move and tries to kill Dr. Vegapunk, only for Stussy to use herself as a shield and take the blow.

As Stussy collapses to the ground, Sanji grabs a bubble gun and seals Kaku inside as Lucia's next attack is blocked by Zoro, who calls him a coward for waiting for backup. Lucci ignores him and tells everyone that now that he and Kizaru are working together, they won't leave the island alive. Zoro simply nudges Lucci and reminds him not to underestimate them.

Kizaru finds Vegaforce-01, but is greeted by Luffy, who immediately kicks him as Kizaru is blocking. Luffy confidently states that he and his crew are a hundred times stronger than they were two years ago on Sabaody, so it won't be like last time.