One Piece Manga Chapter 1062    
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When asked by the Straw Hats aboard the Thousand Sunny if the girl is a vegapunk, she replies that she is not the main vegapunk and is there to pillage them, only to be contacted by Shaka, who warns her not to underestimate Zoro and Robin and bring pirates. to him as guests. Meanwhile, Bonney reveals that her mission is to get revenge on Vegapunk for turning her father, Bartholomew Kuma, into a cyborg. They stumble upon an amusement park filled with holographic rides and eventually find a machine that serves real food and allows them to eat, only to be confronted by another "vegapunk" Atlas. Elsewhere, CP0 is sent to take out Vegapunk as their superiors feel that he might end up learning too much about the world government.

Franky recovered from the woman's declaration that she was Dr. Vegapunk, and tells her that he really respects Vegapunk's work, considering he spent two years apart from the Baldimore crew learning from their projects. Meanwhile, Usopp blasts through the female giant robot and Sanji is thrilled to see that Dr. Vegapunk is a beautiful woman. However, Robin expresses her suspicion that the woman is Dr. Vegapunk, as she has never heard of a doctor being a woman. She also says she is too young to be one. The woman confirms Robin's suspicions by revealing that she is not "Stella", which is Dr. Vegapunk's main body; she is Punk-02 "Lilith".

Lilith tells the Straw Hat Pirates that her research budget is always tight, so she will fire everyone and close her Straw Hat business if they surrender their valuables. Nami rebukes the idea and demands that she continue saving them, but Lilith again states that she wasn't trying to save them. In reality, she considers them all to be intruders, and that any ship that comes close is destroyed by her army of Sea Beast weapons, which she summons to encircle them all. Everyone starts to panic, except for Franky, Zoro, Robin, and to a lesser extent Sanji, just as Lilith gets a call from someone.

The person on the other end is called "Shaka" who tells her that as a scientist she is not proud of looting. Lilith tells him to shut up as he is focusing on their budget, but Shaka informs her that she is dealing with the Straw Hat Pirates who have just been announced as the Emperor's crew. Lilith claims that she knows, which means they must have treasure on board, and that's why she robs them, but Shaka tells her that she underestimates them, especially when Zoro and Robin act so calmly, knowing that even if they're surrounded, they can it. Sea Beast weapons. Realizing she is at a disadvantage, Lilith is ashamed that she underestimated the Emperor's crew so quickly and easily when Zoro informs Dr. Vegapunk that they have some demands on him. At first interested in the pirates, Shaka agrees to house the crew and asks that they be brought to him.

Meanwhile, on Egghead Island, Jewelry Bonney reveals to Luffy that she was on the island before when she was a child. As the group reaches the surface of the island, Bonney tells them that Dr. Vegapunk has turned her father (who, unbeknownst to them, is Bartholomew Kuma) into a cyborg, which Luffy initially says is fine until Bonney clarifies that her the father has lost his confidence over it and she wants answers from Dr. Vegapunk about it, even saying she'll kill him if she doesn't like what she hears.

The group reaches the surface as Luffy and Chopper immediately try to find something to eat while Bonney remembers seeing Sab at Mary Geois but decides not to tell Luffy just yet. They are left in awe of the theme park on the island, which also features a giant robot and a giant space alien. Luffy lunges from the slingshot towards the monster, which seemingly eats him, only for Luffy to pass through it harmlessly. Although initially confused, his, Bonney's, and Chopper's attention is turned to the giant parfait and other sweets. However, their attempts to eat it result in them also passing through it harmlessly. An even more confused Bonney realizes that the sweets he sees are holograms; 3-D images made of light, in other words, it's not real. Although this explains why Luffy wasn't hurt by the monster as it was also a hologram, he becomes enraged by the food trick.

Chopper then notices a machine with different food labels on it, but Bonney thinks it's another hologram. Jinbe then speaks and says that he noticed that the waters surrounding the island were cold, yet the island is very warm. Just then, a big girl appears and explains that it's because she created "Island A.C." to control the temperature of the island itself. Luffy is shocked by the large woman and attacks her, thinking she is also a hologram, but the girl angrily punches him back and knocks him into the machine that Chopper and Bonney were looking at. This results in the machine creating some food, which they quickly realize is real and proceed to feast on the machine's creations.

The girl tells the group that the machine is called an "Automatic Cooking Machine" that can produce over 500 different dishes at high speed, provided there is enough food material. She also tells all three that she appreciates that they like her machine, but says that it will only work if it's built to spec and there aren't enough people, resources, or money in the world to mass produce it, which is a sentiment shared by her AC unit. Her frustration at this fact causes her to punch the holographic monster, surprising everyone. She explains that she has "lightweight gloves" that allow her to come into contact with light images as if they were real. Jinbe finally asks who the girl is and she introduces herself as Dr. Vegapunk, specifically Punk-05 "Atlas"! Everyone is shocked by this, especially Bonney who assumes he is lying.

Elsewhere, CP0 agents Rob Lucci, Stussy and Kaku are on their way to Egghead Island with a Bartholomew Kuma-like Seraphim. Kaku informs Lucci that even though there is only one Doctor Vegapunk, his constant busy schedule doesn't give him enough time to do everything. As such, he created six "satellite" bodies that he split into, giving himself multiple hands, even though they are all him. Lucci comments that he feels like the weird one because he thinks it's impossible and how geniuses are such a pain, and says that their mission is to return the Seraphim to the island first, then remove all the bodies of Dr. his lab intact. Lucci asks if the reason the world government wants to remove the smartest man in the world is because of the incident in the Kingdom of Lulusia, but Stussy and Kaku remind him not to ask.