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The crew finds themselves attacked by a mechanized shark. To save Luffy, Chopper, and Bonney who are still trapped in the water, Jinbe jumps in to save them. Despite Franky's attempt to get the Thousand Sunny away, the shark uses torpedoes that send the ship underwater. Meanwhile, SWORD members Helmeppo and Hibari unsuccessfully try to convince Prince Grus to let them use Seraph to save Koby from the Blackbeard Pirates. When Bonney introduces himself and reveals that they are on a government island called Egghead, the rest of the Straw Hats are rescued by a giant robot, piloted by a young girl who claims to be Dr. Vegapunk.

Luffy grabbed Jewelry Bonney's ankle as she woke up panting. However, she reveals that not only was she being chased by a monster underwater, but that monster was now under the Thousand Sunny. He tells the crew to look down and they do so to see a terrifying monster about to swallow them whole. They manage to get out of the way when the monster, which appears to be a giant metal shark, breaks the surface of the water and knocks the ship into the air.

Jinbe notices that Luffy, Chopper, and Bonney have fallen into the sea and asks Franky to take the helm while he dives in to save them. Franky activates the Thousand Sunny's Keel Attachment: Rabbit Screw Propeller and begins to quickly move the ship away from the shark, but the shark fires several torpedoes at the ship, causing it to capsize and knocking everyone into the water. Jinbe grabs the trio when he hears an explosion, and when he resurfaces, he sees that the current is too strong for any ship to pass through. The shark opens fire on him, but he lets the three Devil Fruit users take a deep breath before diving back down. Meanwhile, the other Straw Hats are unable to get back to the surface due to the force of the current, and just as the shark is about to eat them all, a large robot appears behind it and slams into it.

Meanwhile, a nearby island houses the G-14 naval base, where Tashigi cares for the children rescued from Punk Hazard. As Mocha says that she and the others have downsized, Tashigi is interrupted by the G-14 commander and Vice Admiral Doll, who demands that she do something to silence Helmeppo. Tashigi says she can't because she understands that he's worried about Koby, just like she is. Of course, Helmeppo and Marine HQ Commander Hibari (both part of SWORD) beg Marine HQ Rear Admiral and another SWORD member Prince Grus to go with them to Hachinos to rescue Koby. Grus refuses due to the fact that Hachinosu is Blackbeard's home. When Helmeppo suggests they get some Seraphim since they're so close to Egghead, Grus again shoots down his idea, saying that no one is in a position to act, especially since they can't even contact Drake. For now, they have no choice but to try to stay calm until the situation changes.

With Luffy's group, Jinbe manages to get everyone to land and as they all dry off, Bonney, who has returned to her adult form, reminds Luffy that she is also a member of the worst generation, but while she considers him her enemy, she thanks him for saving her saved He asks about his wanted poster looking different, but all Luffy says is that it looks like this when he's "free". She asks if he's worried about his crew and he says he isn't because he trusts them completely, causing Jinbe to ask where her crew and ship are. Bonney tells him that she came alone and her ship was eaten by a metal shark before stating that she is hungry. Realizing that he is too, Luffy says that they should find a restaurant, but Bonney tells him that there isn't one because the island they're currently living on is Egghead, an island owned by the World Government that houses the research lab of Dr. Vegapunk. . He then tells Luffy that he has business with Vegapunk and that's why he's here.

As for the rest of the crew, a large robot picks up the Thousand Sunny and saves everyone from drowning. Everyone is surprised to see such a large machine as a woman steps out of the cockpit and complains about how she failed to program the metal shark to only scout, report and shoot at any ship it sees, but not eat them like it always does continues. to save them. Franky thanks her for saving them, but she clarifies that she wasn't trying to save them, especially since she works for the World Government. She then introduces herself as Dr. Vegapunk, leaving the entire crew in awe.