One Piece Manga Chapter 1031    
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After breaking free from Kid's awakened attack, Big Mom uses a year of her life to grow bigger and stronger. Meanwhile, Yamato interrupts Apo and Drake's meeting, elsewhere inside Onigashima, the CP0 agents begin to move, they start chasing Robin, and several minks rise up to try and stop them.

Meanwhile, when Sanji is confronted by the Queen again, the cook speculates that he lost his humanity for a brief moment due to his father's modifications that manifested as a result of him using the raid suit, causing him to strike a woman who was in his path. Disgusted with what he was becoming, Sanji destroys the gear. He then calls Zoro through the Den Den Mushi and asks his crewman to take him down if he doesn't come out of this war as a human, and Zoro agrees. Sanji then ignites Hell Memories and hits the Queen with a powerful blow.

The Beasts Pirates watch in amazement as Big Mom was crushed under tons of metal beams by Eustace Kid, even though they thought she couldn't have survived. Kid and Law are breathing heavily when Law notices Jiki Jiki no Mi's awakened powers, which allow Kid to magnetize others, but Kid refuses to reveal any more of his powers to him. Suddenly, a metal beam is thrown from the pile as Big Mom emerges from within. He then performs his Soul Pocus technique and asks, "Life or Oshiruko?" When the nearby Beasts Pirates succumb to its effect because they threw away so much earlier at the party, Big Mom extracts their souls and gifts them with metal beams, creating a new army of Homies. She then takes one year of her own life and consumes it, causing her to grow even larger with her soul energy radiating from her eyes. She admits to Kid and Law that it has been decades since she last felt such pain, and like Luffy, she is serious about dethroning her. He then urges them to continue fighting as he shows them what it means to be an emperor. Law confirms that he wants to know the true history, and Kid says that no matter the cost, he plans to take her down.

Making it back to the castle, Yamato notices several enemies ahead and decides to take a detour through the cave chamber. In Room X, Drake, who rejected Scratchmen Apoo's proposal for an alliance, attacks him. Apoo tries to use his devil fruit powers against him, but Drake dodges when he reveals to Apoo that he knows his attacks work by making them follow his line of sight when he wants his targets to hear them. However, Apoo retorts that the three Numbers are backing him up, but just then Yamato bursts into him. Confused by the presence of the two, Apoo decides to take advantage of Yamato's conflict with his father and tries to connect with him, but tells Apoo that he is no longer with the Beasts Pirates (though that doesn't stop him). He briefly confronts Drake to get him out of the way, but Drake quickly explains that he defected as well. Still, she pushes him away and continues on her way to the weapons room. However, Fuga decides to start chasing him and Apoo, not wanting his next opportunity to disappear, tells Inbi and Zanki to follow him, but Drake refuses to let him run.

On the second floor, Robin and Brook flee CP0 while the Minks try to keep the agents at bay, with little success. Brook takes her in his arms and jumps off the ledge while Robin tries to understand why CP0 is in Wano. He also tells Brook that among the elites, those who wear masks are in a class of their own. Guernica then disappears.

In the Left Brain Tower, Sanji finds himself in Black Maria's brothel, but all the women are hostile to him because he apparently assaulted one of them. They chase him off by throwing objects while a confused Sanji tries to figure out how he would attack the woman after he promised he wouldn't. He recalls how he condemned his cruel brothers for brutally attacking Cosette. At the same moment, Queen catches up to him as Sanji realizes that the armor in his body has stopped. As he ran around in deep thought he then thought about running into the girl from earlier trying to convince him that she wasn't with Kaida and the next thing he knew she was on the ground hurt and scared. him. Convinced that this is his fault, he asks himself who Luffy would prefer: the human Sanji, who is useless against the enemy women, or the "soldier of science", who is cruel and heartless and will do anything to complete his mission. Although he is unsure, he makes a decision about his raid suit. He pulls it out when Queen thinks she's finally going to put it on, but Sanji instead drops it to the ground and destroys it by stepping on it, stating that even though it awakened his latent powers, he refuses to take any loss. more of yourself to Germa. Queen reacts with displeasure that she can no longer see him transform as Sanji pulls out the Den Den Mushi.

He then contacts Zoro who is deep in his fight with King and wonders how he ended up with one. Sanji explains to him that he tucked him in his clothes in case he got lost, and tells him that even though he's confident they'll win, if he loses his humanity after that, he wants him to kill him. Although a little confused, Zoro agrees to Sanji's terms, even adding that he's looking forward to it so he'd rather not die early, for which Sanji thanks him. He then immediately disappears, making Queen wonder if it was another enhancement, but an already angry Sanji hits Queen with Diable Jambe: Hell Memories and sets him on fire.