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Drake and Apoo stop fighting as they talk in the chamber, with Apoo proposing an alliance between them to finish off the rest of the winning party and take the spoils for themselves.

Meanwhile, Usopp and Nami's group come across Kin'emon's severed legs running around talking to farts; apparently Law didn't fully attach the samurai body to Punk Hazard. After identifying the Kin'emons as allies, he leads them to the crawl space on the first floor so they can provide emergency medical treatment to the Kikunoj. However, in the crawlspace, Kin'emon's upper half then overhears the still-living Kanjur talking to the still-living Orochi through Smart Tanishi. On Orochi's orders, Kanjuro draws a flaming specter called Kazenbo to set fire to the fortress and detonate a large number of explosives in Onigashima's armory.

Meanwhile, Law and Kid decide out of necessity to use their awakened Devil Fruit powers against Big Mom. As Big Mom slams Kid toward the living floor, Law places a field called KROOM around his sword and penetrates Big Mom's body with it, allowing him to release a shockwave that damages the Emperor to the point of bleeding out. Kid then uses his awakened ability to turn Big Mom into a magnet, causing a large portion of the fortress structure to be drawn to her, crushing her from all angles.

Away from the battle, Scratchmen Apoo talks to X Drake in a cave chamber where three of the Numbers, Inbi, Fuga and Zanki, are eating. Apoo tells Drake that he believed he was actually a naval spy, but considers that fact irrelevant to the proposition he is about to make. Apoo offers Dragon the opportunity to team up with him and choose the winner of this great battle, since neither of them really belong to either side. Drake asks if Apoo really believes that he would believe him, but Apoo says that "trust" has nothing to do with his proposal because he sees it as such a rare opportunity.

On the stairs between the first and second floors, Nami, Usopp, Tama, Speed, Gazelleman, Daifugo, and Hamlet, carrying the injured Komachiyo, try to escape the spreading fire. Nami and Usopp hear a scream and are surprised to see Kin'emon's lower half running around calling for help. Usopp grabs his legs, but since he has no ears, Kin'emon's lower half cannot hear Usopp and therefore cannot recognize him as an ally. Nami is able to verify this by drawing a crescent moon symbol on him and now that he has found someone, he informs them that Kikunojo needs help. After hearing his request, Usopp takes Hamlet along with Kin'emon's feet to the attic of the left tower.

Up in the attic, Kin'emon's upper half pleads for Kikunojo to hold on to life for a little while longer until help arrives. He also thinks about how amazing it is that he's still alive after being cut in half by Kaidou, believing that Law didn't do it right when he reattached him. He then hears Orochi trying to contact Kanjuro, which surprises Kin'emon as he was sure he was killed like Kanjuro. However, Kanjuro weakly answers him and informs him that he doesn't have much time left. Still, Orochi praises Kanjur for his performance, but the praise that should be heard by himself is clouded by the anger and resentment of their ancestors beyond the grave. Orochi orders Kanjuro to use his devil fruit powers to paint the burning anger of the Kurozumi family and kill everyone in the castle. Kanjuro agrees and paints a fire monster called Kazenbo before collapsing again. Kazenbo continues to move around the castle setting everyone he passes on fire as several watchers report his presence and how he can even move through the walls as a ghost.

Outside the island, Momonosuke decides to create as many small flame clouds as possible to keep Onigashi in the air, while elsewhere Orochi, who has taken refuge, reveals that he knows about Kaidou's armory stocked with weapons and is planning Kanjuro's fire. drawing to go to him and blow up the island, bringing them all at once. He also hopes that Fukurokuju will return to him soon so they can escape together. Unbeknownst to him, Yamato still makes his way to the armory, hoping that Momonosuke will slow down the island as much as he can.

However, he suddenly sees Eustass Kid flying through the air, having been shot down by Big Mom's Ikoku and his large robotic body destroyed at the same time. As he falls through the air, he remembers his conversation with Law, where they both revealed to each other that they have awakened their Devil Fruit powers, but since they consume a lot of energy, they can only use it as a trump card. In the present, Law creates a KROOM, a scaled-down version of his ROOM, which he covers with his sword. He stabs the sword through Big Mom's throat, though the cut is harmless. However, according to him, KROOM has other properties, and in this case, he unleashes Shock Wille, which hits her entire insides and actually causes her to bleed out.

Big Mom angrily turns to face Law, but then Kid uses his awakened powers to attach magnetism to Big Mom. This causes Napoleon to stick to her body while the many other metal weapons and steel beams inside pull her in and crash into her as Law and Kid twist.