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Kin'emon and Kikunojo split off from the other Pods to protect Momonosuke from Kanjuro, and when they learn from Shishilian and Bariete that Pedro has died and there is a person responsible, Nekomamushi goes with them to seek revenge. Kawamatsu and Izou stay and come across Sanji carrying Zoro in a full body set of bandages and splints after encountering Zoro and Law on the way to rescue Momonosuke. With Momonosuke taken care of, Zoro suggests they head to the Live Floor. Meanwhile, Yamato prepares to head out with a decoy of Momonosuke to draw attention away from him and Shinobu.

Elsewhere, Ulti confronts Big Mom for trashing the front page. Nami tries to use this conflict to get away, but Ulti follows her group and defeats Komachiyo with a stock. Tama laments the sadness, causing Ulti to strike her. Nami then strikes Ulti with lightning, intending to stay and defeat her for Tama's sake.

In the connecting corridor from the Treasure Vault to the third floor of the castle, Izou asks Kikunojo if her severed arm hurts. She denies it, saying it's just 'itching' until she takes her life. He also says that it's nothing compared to the itch in his heart the day Izou left. She apologizes for this, but acknowledges that she is doing well so far. Kawamatsu asks Izou what he thinks Wano will become after the earth opens, but he says that if they survive the night, they can talk about it after the battle. Realizing that their raid has become an all-out war, Kin'emon believes himself to be enough to protect Momonosuke, allowing the others to scatter and join the fight. Kikunojo asks Kin'emon for permission to kill Kanjuro and promises not to hesitate this time.

Nekomamushi's attention is drawn to Shishilian and Bariete, causing Kawamatsu to say that he can leave with Minky, while Kin'emon asks Kikunojo to follow him. Nekomamushi learns from Barieta that Pedro died in Big Mom's territory, but it was a sacrifice that helped them escape. He adds that whoever is responsible for his death is currently on the island and Carrot and Wanda fought him but let their anger control them, which is why he wanted to warn Shishilian. Nekomamushi praises Pedro for dying honorably and decides to avenge him by jumping high into the air.

In the crawl space on the first floor, Yamato hides with Shinobu and Momonosuke, but says that since Marys will be watching over him, she will be the decoy and make a rather pathetic looking Momonosuke doll. The two find out that he just wants to fight, but Shinobu was able to connect with Kin'emon so he knows where they are. Yamato leaves Momonosuke in his hands and asks how Luffy is doing. Momonosuke replies that he's weakened but still fine, but now it's just him and Kaidou. Yamato decides to hurry when Momonosuke finally starts reading his father's diary.

On the second floor, Sanji fights the other beast pirates and carries Zoro, who is so heavily bandaged that he looks like a cross. A few dozen minutes ago, Sanji witnessed Law, Zoro, and Zeus appear in the air. He catches the two of them (much to his chagrin) and asks Zeus about Nami, but he runs off to find Big Mom. Sanji demands an explanation from Law and he says that Zoro broke about 20-30 bones and tells him to shatter his limbs and make sure he's conscious and breathing. Sanji retorts that he wasn't talking about him and that he's not a doctor and that he doesn't have time for that, but Law heads off to find Big Mom. Still, Zoro packs up and asks how he ended up like this. Zoro replies that it was Kaidou and Big Mom, which Sanji understands. He says he believes Luffy is fine up there and Zoro says he figured something out, which means he's going to win this, which Sanji already knew. In the present, Sanji fights pirates who are wondering where to put Zoro, and ends up meeting Kawamatsu and Izo. They learn that Kin'emon was headed to help Momonosuke, and Zoro tells the three of them to go to the Living Floor before they fall asleep. All three continue to do so.

On the same floor, Big Mom punched Page One so hard that he was submerged in the ground as she angrily asked if he was the one who burned down the town of Okobore. Ulti angrily tells Big Mom that she will regret it and charge for her, causing Usopp and Nami to realize that they could use Big Mom to take her out. Nami yells at Big Mom, calling her O-Lin, saying that Ulti did what she thinks she did (though she doesn't know exactly what it was). However, Big Mom angrily tells her to shut up and that she'll come get them when she finishes Ulti. In response, Nami tries to manipulate Ulti into working with her, but Ulti similarly tells her to shut up.

Ulti notices the group trying to escape on Komachiyo, but quickly catches up to them and hits Komachiyo in the side with Ul-Zugan in her Pachycephalosaurus form, knocking them all down. She angrily starts kicking Komachiyo for running her the entire time, causing Tama to beg her to stop. However, Ulti slaps Tama aside, shocking both Nami and Big Mom. Usopp tells her to take Tama and run, while Big Mom angrily asks if she just witnessed her punching her boyfriend. Ulti retorts that she broke her brother, but Nami beats her up in retaliation. Usopp tells Nami that they have to run, but Nami refuses, saying that she will crush Ulti for hitting the kid.