One Piece Manga Chapter 1010    
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Kaidou attacks Zoro to prevent him from attacking Prometheus, and Law teleports Zoro away from the Emperor's attack. This allows Prometheus to fly down and rescue Big Mom just before she lands in the ocean, and Kid and Killer head off to confront Big Mom while the others fight Kaida.

Suffering heavy injuries from blocking the Emperors Hakai attack, Zoro puts all of his remaining energy into Kyutoryu's final strike, which manages to give Kaidou a notable scar on his chest, shocking Kaidou as he suspects that the swordsman is using Haoshoku Haki. Kaidou immobilizes Zoro and Law with Raimei Hakka, but Luffy then regains consciousness and confronts the Emperor. Luffy realizes that the advanced Busoshoku Haki applications he has learned have failed to cause Kaidou any real harm, and realizes that objects can also be infused with Haoshoku Haki, a technique Kaidou is capable of. With this revelation, Luffy begins to use his own Haoshoku Haki and successfully hits Kaidou from a distance with immense power, saying that Law and Zoro can go back down while he fights the Emperor alone.

Long summary
Big Mom cries for Zeus to save her, but he can't because he's trapped in Kid's box. Prometheus tries to save her, but Zoro's continuous attacking prevents Prometheus from moving. Law sees in disbelief that Zoro can still move after the Emperors last attack. Kaidou called Big Mom pathetic, but blamed Zoro and demanded that he release Prometheus. However, Law switches places with him using his Devil Fruit abilities, where he then uses an Injection Shot on Kaidou's throat. He uses Curtain to protect himself, but Kaidou blows him away while saying that his powers are annoying. This gives Prometheus and Napoleon an opportunity to rush to Big Mom's aid, causing Zoro to question why he did this. Law replies that his plans aren't worth one of them dying, but Kid says that they've already managed to separate them as both he and Killer decided to take on Big Mom themselves.

Prometheus is able to capture Big Mom, who thanks him for saving her. They also wonder what happened to Zeus as Prometheus says he is always holding them back. She then asks Big Mom for a favor when Kid and Killer notice the swirling clouds.

Back on the roof, Kaidou laughs at Luffy staring at him unconscious like in Bakura Town. He starts talking about different ways to cripple him as Zoro tells Law that he has reached his limit so this next attack will be his last. He clothed his swords in Busoshoku Haki and assumed his Kyutoryu form while being attacked by Ashura Bakkei: Moja no Tawamure.

Clutching his chest in pain, Kaidou asks Zoro if he has Haoshoku Haki. Zoro doesn't know what he's talking about as he falls to the ground saying that he was hoping the attack would knock Kaidou to the ground. However, Kaidou tells Zoro that his attack will definitely leave a scar on him. He raises his kanabo to attack as Law tries to help him dodge it. Kaidou tells him it's too late and blasts them both away with Raimei Hakka. After defeating them, Kaidou says that if they joined him, they could rule the world together.

Suddenly, he hears Luffy telling him that they would never team up with him because of their friendship with the samurai. He recalls Hyogoro's training and his advice on Haki and admits that all the attacks he used on Kaidou were superficial, but after being hit by his kanabo, Luffy realized the truth: Kaidou can imbue items with Haoshoku Haki. Kaidou laughs in confirmation as he attacks Luffy, revealing that only a select few powerful individuals can do this as he slams his club at Luffy. However, Luffy, who has figured out how to inject Haoshoku Haki into his limbs, blocks the attack with his legs without touching her. He then charges at Kaidou and punches him in the stomach again without touching him before performing an uppercut that sends him flying and crashing onto his back.

Law is left in disbelief that Luffy caused the damage without actually touching Kaido. Luffy thanks him and Zoro for covering for him, but they can go back down to the castle. He declares that he can handle the rest and defeat Kaido no matter what.