One Piece Manga Chapter 1007    
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Chopper successfully develops his solution against the Ice Oni, an anti-virus that will fight the Queen's deadly disease, and stops Yatappe from killing Hyogoro. He fires a Chopperphage Nebulizer from the cannon that fills the room like a gas and heals both the Samurai and the infected Beasts Pirates Pleasures and Waiters. Before Chopper's virus was released, Queen told these underlings that they were expendable and would best serve him by death, prompting them to turn against him and protect Chopper from his attacks. Marco then grabs the Queen by the neck, allowing Chopper to activate Monster Point and deliver a powerful blow against All-Star.

Meanwhile, the hidden Momonosuke tells Yamato and Shinobu that he believes he was weak and foolish, but Shinobu tells him that he was brave; this causes him to suddenly transform into his dragon form and jump out of Yamato's clothing. In the CP0 room, one of the agents reveals that the Artificial Devil Fruit that Vegapunk made was created by extracting Kaidou's lineage factor, and says that they hope it was destroyed after being left on Punk Hazard.

The mysterious person caring for the nine red sheaths has disappeared in the treasure vault, and the samurai, now conscious, prepares to head out and continue fighting in the war. However, they are then greeted at the door by what appears to be a living, healthy Kozuki Oden.

On the Live Floor, virtually all of the Orochi Oniwabanshu and Mimawarigumi were defeated by Hyogor, with the Beasts Pirates admiring how powerful he really is and the Scratchmen Apoo commenting on how he resists the effects of the Ice Oni yet is so powerful. X Drake says he understands why people are afraid of Wan as Hyogoro demands that Yatappe clear his mind so he can kill him. Despite bawling his eyes out, Yatappe says he knocks him to the ground as Cho watches him cry and acknowledges how much he struggles because of how he sees Hyogora as a father. At the same time, Omasa asks Tsunagora to knock him down for fear of hurting his friends. Samurai pleads with Chopper to finish the antidote soon as time is running out.

Meanwhile, Queen's subordinates question why she has to suffer from his virus. In response, Queen angrily transforms into her brachiosaur form and demands that they shut up, declaring the Ice Oni to be his masterpiece and that he made it for them in a sense. Confused, Queen digresses and reminds Pleasures that they gambled on a chance to gain powers and failed, now they're nothing more than dead weight good for laughs to him. As for the waiters, he tells them that no matter how long they wait, there are no more SMILES to give them powers. Therefore, the only way any of them can be useful is to become an Ice Oni and eventually die. They are shocked by this answer, but Queen says they can always find more soldiers.

Broken by this response, several Beasts Pirates begin attacking friend and foe alike, with some of them declaring that they will leave with the Beasts Pirates after the battle is over. The samurai feels sorry for his enemies for their cruel commanders, but the samurai queen berates him for working alongside Chopper, who he believes has probably already used the cure on himself and let everyone die. The samurai deny that Chopper would do something so heinous, but Queen says that backstabbing is part of the pirate lifestyle. Eventually, Yatappe gets up his nerve and knocks Hyogoro down, saying that he will join him soon, but Hyogoro tells him to take his time. However, the blow is blocked by Chopper, who puts the antidote in Hyogoro's mouth and cures him.

Everyone is relieved to see Chopper as he tells Hyogoro that he will be fine as Miyagi and Tristan come and fire the infected Chopperphage nebulizer and cure them of the Ice Oni. Queen angrily demands what Chopper thinks he's doing, and Chopper explains that with so many people on the floor, he knew it wouldn't be possible for him to cure everyone individually, so he used the antibodies to create his own virus. heal everyone and the cannon makes it easier for him to distribute. Queen is amazed at how the ship's doctor could come out of nowhere to be so experienced, and Chopper replies that he and his crew have been scattered around the world training for events like this. Queen angrily asks why he bothered to cure his subordinates, and Chopper says that viruses are not meant to be weapons because even the user will lose control.

Queen refuses to be lectured by Chopper and tries to kill him, but the Pleasures are used as shields for him. The queen demands that they step out of the way, but they refuse, telling him that they would rather die by the side of their savior than the one who nearly killed them. Marco takes this opportunity to grab the Queen by the throat, giving Chopper the opportunity to strike. Chopper thanks Marco and takes the Rumble Ball, transforming into his Monster Point form. After doing so, he punches Queen so hard that she bleeds out, but also yells at everyone present that he is not a "tanuki" as they kept calling him. All of his allies mentally apologize for their mistake in surprise.

In the Right Brain Tower, Yamato and Shinobu continue to move as Yamato asks Momonosuke if he is okay. Momonosuke says that it's not because he feels disgusted with himself because everyone thinks so highly of him, but he thinks of himself as weak and stupid. Shinobu denies this and calls him brave, but Momonosuke refutes this claim while transforming into his dragon form, surprising them both. In the CP0 room, the leader recalls the time when Kaido was captured by the Marines and how Dr. Vegapunk experimented with his Lineage Factor, creating an Artificial Devil Fruit. The World Government wanted him to give them the fruit, but Vegapunk considered it a failure and refused, leaving it up to Punk Hazard. One of his subordinates questions why he's pulling it now that Punk Hazard has been destroyed, but the leader says he hopes the fruit has been destroyed as well, even though the G-5 reported that one device was still functional.

Down in the treasure vault, the nine red sheaths are recovering, but they are confused as to who was looking after them. Kawamatsu has an idea but dismisses it as a dream as Kin'emon tells his men to get up and continue fighting. Suddenly, Kozuki Oden appears in front of the samurai, leaving them all shocked.