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Bonney emerges from the room as Dr. Vegapunk asks if she saw everything, which she confirms. Dr. Vegapunk apologizes for breaking his promise with Kuma, but to his surprise, Bonney, now a child, hugs him and apologizes to him. The two sit down and Dr. Vegapunk shows Bonney the item he planned to give her: a sapphire necklace that looks like the sun that Kuma intended as a 10th birthday present. Bonney is overjoyed to receive it and says she will always cherish it.

Afterwards, Dr. Vegapunk reflects on how strong Luffy has become after those two years of training. Bonney asks him if Luffy is the son of Dragon, who was Kuma's friend, and Dr. Vegapunk confirms this, but he never imagined that the two would come to Egghead together. He tells her that a lot of things happened when she entered the room and tells her everything as he rejoins the Straw Hat Pirates. He apologizes to Bonney for his actions with Kuma, but Bonney tells him it was never his fault; all the blame falls on Jaygarcia Saturn.

In the presence, Saturn coldly tells Bonney that Kuma is dead. The Straw Hats and Vegapunks are still unable to move, Luffy starts asking for food, Kizaru shows interest in Vegapunk and Bonney, and it is announced that Sentomaru has been captured. Outside Egghead, people are reading news of the siege, while on Momoiro Island, Dragon asks Ivankov where he thinks Kuma would go if he still had a fragment of his natural instincts, and Ivankov says that if he were Kuma, he would go to Mary Geoise. However, Dragon knows that Kuma is different.

Back at Egghead, Bonney tells Saturn that if he dies, he will kill him no matter what, and uses Distortion Future: Nika Mitaina Mirai to enlarge her fist to punch him. However, her enlarged fist disappears and she weakens again and Saturn crushes her in his hand again. Saturn tells her that he's not surprised that Bonney knows Nika's name since she's Kuma's daughter, but says he doesn't know what exactly it is, while he thinks she didn't draw the connection between Nika and Luffy's transformation into her. mind. He then notices Luffy eating food and orders the marines to hold him back with the Seastone.

As Bonney wonders why she can't change her age around Saturn, he reveals to her that he was the one who gave her this power. According to Saturn, he performed an experiment on her as a child to give her the power of the Toshi Toshi no Mi without actually having her eat it, and although he was successful, he considered the fruit worthless. He says that while the user can transform as they wish with respect to the foreseeable future, their abilities weaken when their knowledge of the future diverges from reality. He asks her if she wants to believe in Nika, but Bonney states that Nika is real because she swore to find him to save Kuma from his control, but Saturn says that she is starting to believe that he is not real.

Saturn then tells her that Nika is nothing more than a worthless buccaneer legend, quoting what Kuma told her in God Valley. He also makes another horrifying revelation: he was the one who infected Ginny with the sapphire scales, a side effect of a failed experiment he performed on her, but he was surprised that Bonney had inherited the disease. Bonney says that everything she went through was Saturn's fault, and it angers Dr. Vegapunk immensely that Saturn's heartless experiments are what caused Kuma to betray his free will. However, Saturn simply says that he does not understand the feelings of a mere insect.

Just then, Kuma arrives on Egghead, much to the government's shock. He begins to make his way to the center of the island where Saturn is while the marines try to inform everyone of this development. Saturn doesn't believe that Kuma could come here, while Dr. Vegapunk is confused as to why Kuma is even here. As he continues to attack while the marines shoot him, Bonney thinks she should die because of everything Kuma has been through. She begins to cry loudly, but Saturn demands that she shut up and orders the marines to shoot her head off.

Before they can fire, Kuma throws them all away, so Saturn throws Bonney to the ground and is about to impale her with his leg. However, Kuma arrives just in time to block the attack with his own body before pulling Saturn's leg from behind and grabbing it. He hardens his fist with Busoshoku Haki and prepares to strike the frightened Saturn.