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Kizaru arrives at the lab and complains about how cold it is on the island, but Dr. Vegapunk tells him that this lab will be the future, and his head is filled with so many ideas that he can't think straight. However, Kizaru says that this is why he didn't notice Den Den Mushi watching him and his conversation with Kuma, which is why he was dispatched. Kizaru even added that Dr. Vegapunk should have been more careful, which he can't help but admit.

Dr. Vegapunk talks to Saturn, who tells the scientist that he doesn't want Kuma to be the face of the clone trooper marines because he's a pirate. As such, it has its own set of terms for this agreement with Kuma.

The first condition is for Kuma to become a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, as they were a member due to Ace's exploits.
The second condition is that Kuma himself becomes a weapon of the Marines by turning into a cyborg.
The third and final condition is that as part of the transformation, and in order not to turn against them because of his revolutionary history, he must give up his free will and individuality.
Dr. Vegapunk shouts that taking Kumo's free will is the equivalent of killing him and leaving only a mindless robot behind, and deduces that Saturn wants it because the other Warlords don't follow orders. Saturn counters that Dr. Vegapunk has no right to complain as he is a military scientist and sees it as a fitting price for Bonney's medical procedure. Dr. Vegapunk is still outraged, but Kuma tells him to do it, as he feared there was no hope for Bonney, but now that he has this opportunity, he gratefully accepts his fate if it means he can live.

Saturn asks Dr. Vegapunk, how long Bonney and Kuma's procedures will take, and Dr. Vegapunk says Bonney's treatment will last six months, but she will have to wait a year before she can enter natural sunlight. Kuma, on the other hand, will take at least two years, and Kuma is relieved because it means Bonney will be cured within ten years. Saturn then asks Kuma what is stopping him from turning against the World Government once her treatment is complete. Kuma says he won't run, but Saturn insists that Bonney be kept in World Government custody once her treatment is over and released once Kuma's mind is wiped.

Dr. Vegapunk is again outraged as this means the two will never see each other again, which Saturn confirms. He says that Kumo's modifications will begin immediately and will be a continuous process as he begins his tenure as a Warlord. After curing Bonney, all contact between them is forbidden so they don't run away together, threatening to enslave Bonney if they defy him. Although Kuma is shocked, he says that he will not make contact with Bonney, but has his own request: that Bonney not say any of this; not her treatment, nor her position as a hostage. She also requests that she be treated in the Sorbet Kingdom as it is her home. Saturn agrees, but says that it doesn't matter where she's being held as long as the world government is watching over it.

When this is confirmed, Kuma tells Bonney that the two of them will be staying at the lab for the next six months, though he lies and says that he himself is feeling sick and needs a check-up, but Bonney was happy that the two could continue to be. together. As time went on, Kuma and Bonney underwent their respective procedures, becoming close to Dr. Vegapunk, Sentomaru and even Kizaru. Once the six months have passed, Dr. Vegapunk reveals that the treatment was successful and after a year of rehab, Bonney will be completely cured. Kuma and Bonney thank him, with Bonney hoping to visit Dr. Vegapunk once she's better, which she accepts.

After returning to Sorbet, Bonney tells everyone that she will be better in a year, which makes them extremely happy and also means that Bulldog and Conney will take care of her again. Preparing to leave, Kuma tells Bonney that he won't see her again for at least a year, and although this saddens Bonney, Kuma offers to write to her, which she accepts. Kuma also says that the next time they meet, they can sail together, which Bonney looks forward to, even though she didn't realize that Kuma was lying the whole time. Just then Nurse Alpha (who is secretly a member of CP8) comes in and says she'll take it from here and create a gate and checkpoint for people who want to visit. He also visually reminds Kumo of what will happen if he breaks the deal he made with Saturn, but he says he won't be coming back. Before leaving, she thanks Bonney for being born, and she and the others happily send him off.

News of Kuma as one of the Seven Warlords then begins to spread, especially as he obediently obeys every command the World Government gives him. The Revolutionary Army is completely confused by this because they know Kuma better than anyone. Meanwhile, Kuma texts Bonney that he is doing well and that he has found interesting places for them to sail together. He reaches East Blue and Foosha Village just as he receives a new order from the World Government.