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The World Nobles explained the rules of the Native Hunting Competition: Among the rabbits, there were thirteen "super rare rabbits" (worth 10,000 points each) and 150 "rare rabbits", each one-shot kill would receive an "excellent bonus", and luxurious prizes were listed for the winners competitions. Some of the world's nobles tried to get a head start, but were stopped and informed that the hunt would begin in an hour, giving the people time to run and hide. A few of them desperately ran for their lives, begging that it was all a dream, while others argued that it wasn't right for people to treat other people like their playthings.

Meanwhile, Kong contacted Monkey D. Garp, who was on vacation. Kong wanted Garp to go to Hachinos but didn't say why because if anything happened he would be in trouble. Garp assumed that Kong was talking about the World Nobles "trip" and reminded Kong that he had told him many times not to mess with Hachinosu and underestimate the Rocks Pirates who wanted to reclaim the island's "treasure". Garp then asked what Kong had to worry about having an escort, but when Kong mentioned Roger, Garp immediately stated that he was going. However, the Rocks Pirates have already left Hachinosa.

In God Valley, while the competition was going on, Ivankov began to gather several people by telling them that none of them would escape this "game" alive, and when all was said and done, the events would be hidden from the history books. Some people believed they would be free if they survived the three weeks of competition, but Ivankov stated that this was a lie, giving them false hope to make the game more interesting. Therefore, if they wanted to live, they needed to move now.

With the help of the Shark Fishman, Ivankov was freed from his chains and Ginny told everyone that the two competition prizes would be their means of escape: Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu and Nikyu Nikyu no Mi. Ivankov said that with these two Devil Fruits, they could get off the island and bypass the naval blockade, but the problem was that the fruits were in the center of the island. However, Ginny revealed that she was skilled in stealth, eavesdropping, and broadcasting, and all of this information had been leaked to the outside world about two weeks ago, so she was sure someone had heard it. When Ginny said they needed bait for the plan to work, Kuma volunteered, citing that his strong physiology would protect him and he would rather risk his own life than others. Ivankov accepted, but declared that he would not let Kuma die either.

Soon the Rocks Pirates and other pirate crews began attacking the marines and caught them off guard. Rocks ordered his crew to seize the treasure and several of them including Edward Newgate, Shiki, Buckingham Stussy, Charlotte Linlin, Kaidou and Glorios made their way to the island and pretty soon Roger and his pirate crew did as well. The God's Knights attempted to defend the World Nobles, and eventually Garp and his soldiers arrived to support the Marines, leading to an all-out conflict.

During the fight, Ivankov and Kumo managed to get two Devil Fruits. However, before Ivankov could eat the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu, Linlin slammed him into the wall and took the fruit. She tried to take Nikyu Nikyu no Mi as well, but Ivankov told Kumo to eat him quickly and save himself. Right after Kuma ate the fruit, he was attacked by Jaygarcia Saturn. Saturn told Kumo that as a member of the Buccaneers he only existed to live and die as a slave as the course of history decided. However, Kuma confronted Saturn and told him that it made no sense for people to be born as important or as slaves. He stated that he would imitate Nika and use his power to save the weak and defenseless, but Saturn simply stated that this was the reason Kuma and his people would be removed. After that, the events of God Valley faded into the darkness of history.

Despite the chaos, Kuma, Ivankov, and Ginny managed to escape God Valley along with over 500 other people. The three of them took refuge in the Sorbet Kingdom and stayed in the church that Kumo's parents once managed. Ivankov realized that no information about God Valley had been revealed to the public other than Garp's now legendary reputation. Kuma began to pray for a moment as he stated that he wished he could save more lives, but Ivankov and Ginny told him that he had done more than enough and that Kuma's hands had brought people freedom and he called them the "Hands of Liberation."

Afterwards, Ivankov decided to head out on his own while Kuma and Ginny stayed at Sorbet, the three of them hoping to see each other again. Ginny told Kuma that she would be his big sister from that day on since she was older than him. The two started chopping wood to sell and earn money. When Kuma was attacked by some kids who called him a monster due to his size, Ginny beat them up in his defense and Kuma apologized and used his powers to force their pain out of their bodies, much to their delight.

That night the two ate dinner and Kuma remarked on how much of a eater Ginny turned out to be. Both then burst into tears of joy at their freedom and newfound happiness.