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Titled "A Demon Named Saturn," Chapter 1094 throws another curveball into the chaos of Egghead Island:

Chaos Unleashed:

Controlled by Atlas, the Mk III Pacifistas switch sides and attack the Marines, causing widespread confusion.
Finally found by Sanji, Bonney is cornered by two vice admirals.
Aiming to stop Vegapunk's escape, Kizaru faces Luffy in a thrilling aerial battle.
Luffy's New Power:

Luffy unleashes a new attack, "Gomu Gomu no Star Gun", hitting Kizaru with tremendous force.
Kizaru acknowledges the impact of the attack, a rare show of concern from the normally nonchalant admiral.
However, Luffy pushes himself too hard and returns to his normal form, exhausted and slumped over.
Mysterious Saturn:

St. Saturn, a high-ranking World Government official, appears on Egghead with an intimidating presence.
He effortlessly stops the Mk III Pacifistas and confronts the Vegapunk group.
Overcome with rage, Bonnie lunges at Saturn and stabs him in a shocking act of defiance.
Other key points:

Jinbe protects Vegapunk's belongings and leads the group to an escape route.
VegaTank-08, carrying Vegapunk's allies, falls after Kizaru destroys the path in the clouds, but luckily everyone survives.
The chapter ends on a cliffhanger, leaving the fate of Vegapunk and the impact of Bonnie's actions uncertain.
Chapter 1094 builds on its predecessor's shocking development with:

Luffy's impressive new attack and its limitations.
The unexpected arrival of Saturn and his true intentions.
A bold move by Bonnie that could have big consequences.
The power dynamics on Egghead Island are in full swing, and the next chapter promises even more intense revelations and potential alliances.