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The people of Dawn Island discuss the news of Luffy and Garp's recent exploits. In the article on Garp, they noted that he was not officially marked dead after his disappearance on Hachinos. Woop Slap assures them that Garp will be fine thanks to his legend status, to which Makino agrees. Woop Slap hears someone laughing and yells at the source, only to apologize once he realizes it's Mako's child. Makino notices that her child has become familiar with Luffy's face from all the newspaper photos. Elsewhere, on Mount Colubo, Dadan reacts to the news with tears in his eyes, while Dogra and Magra begin to feel the earth rumble.

An earthquake of unprecedented magnitude then occurs around the world and its effects are felt in various places (examples include Loguetown, Kano Country, Rakesh, Twin Cape, Water 7, Wano Country, Impel Down and Mary Geoise) and the people of those places (such as Laboon , Iceburg, Momonosuke, Imu and many more). The significance of this event would go unnoticed because no one was able to pinpoint its epicenter: the destruction of the Lulusian Kingdom that had occurred six days earlier. A ship sent to investigate the incident arrives at the site of Lulusia's destruction, where they find a huge, gaping hole in the ocean, one that resembles a circular waterfall and leaves no trace of the kingdom. The earthquake caused the level of the world's seas to rise by about one meter, leading to the partial or complete flooding of many islands. Woop Slap watches the turbulent waves from Foosha Village, confused as to what is happening.

Meanwhile, the Marine fleet receives reports of rising water levels as they approach Egghead. The fleet is said to far outnumber the Buster Call fleet and consists of over a hundred ships, including twenty warships and a total of thirty thousand marines. The operation is led by nine vice admirals and Admiral Kizaru, the latter of whom eats aboard one of the ships and communicates with Sentomaru via Den Den Mushi. Sentomaru berates Kizaru for just destroying one of the Sea Beast's weapons even though it attacked first. Kizaru asks Sentomaru if he can give up and return to them, but Sentomaru warns him that if Kizaru attacks, he will retaliate. He tells Kizaru that Vegapunk modeled the Pacifist lasers after the research he did on Kizaru's powers, and expresses disbelief at the fact that they are now coming to eliminate him. Kizaru replies that studying the Void Century is a crime even though he cannot defend himself and that he is simply following orders. Despite this, he admits that a battle would not be in their best interest, as any destruction would result in World Government losses. Kizaru assumes that CP0 failed in his mission, which Sentomaru confirms was the result of the Straw Pirates' intervention.

Inside one of the warships, Saturn, accompanied by Vice Admiral Dobrman and several other guards, asks that no one be informed of his presence as he reads the headline of a newspaper article. Doberman informs him that it was Morgans work, prompting Saturn to question the truth. Dobrman explains that they have yet to receive word that CP0 has completed its mission, but based on Sentomaru continuing to defend the island, they can assume that Dr. Vegapunk, his satellites, Seraphim, the Straw Hats (who are said to be allies with Vegapunk), and a trio of CP0 agents are all in the Labophase, and that the other Cipher Pol agents have seemingly been trapped in the Fabiriophase by Sentomaru and his Pacifista Mark III units. With the Frontier Dome fully active, they are certain that no one can enter or leave the Labophase, but they also have no way of knowing what has happened inside over the past day. Saturn asks for the location of the island's research staff and technicians, to which Dobrman replies that they were evacuated yesterday, but they are tracking the coordinates of their ships. Saturn, not wanting them to escape in case they know too much, orders the ships to be sunk. Dobrman also informs Saturn of Jewelry Bonney's presence on the island, though Saturn—despite knowing her as Kuma's daughter—dismisses any further importance she may have, saying they can leave her.

Kizaru is then informed of the signal that Egghead picked up. The call is also overheard in Mary Geoise by other members of the Five Elders. York introduces herself as the caller and demands to know why they are trying to kill her along with the others since she was the one who informed them of Stella Vegapunk's betrayal. Mars tells her that she is no different from the real Vegapunk, which York counters by stating that she wouldn't have revealed her interest in the Void Century to them if she really cared. When Nusjuro asks about CP0 and the condition of the Straw Hats, York says that since she's the only one to contact them after the night before and has the Seraphim with her, she's fine. York then asks about the fleet surrounding the island and if this is supposed to be a declaration of war, but Ju Peter reveals that they have changed their minds and would like her to recreate the Flame Mother. Although he does not know who exactly desires the weapon, York confirms that it can be done through the island's power plant on the condition that he does not harm her or the lab, to which Mars agrees, along with her request to become a World Noble. After making the deal, York breaks down in tears and begs to save him from being killed by Luffy, much to the shock of Kizaru and the Elders. She is seen chained to the ground and surrounded by the Straw Hats (as well as Bonney, Vegapunk, and Lucci), with Zoro's sword held to her neck while Usopp, no longer petrified, makes the call. Nami and Vegapunk begin to understand the extent of the situation, while Luffy, not fully understanding, assumes they will escape with York as their shield. This makes Bonney realize that they are actually in a hostage situation.