One Piece Manga Chapter 1077    
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While Sentomaru urges the inhabitants of Fabriophase to escape, in Labophase Zoro realizes that the Seraphim have royal lunar powers and warns the rest of the group. Shaka then leaves with an idea where Vegapunk could be. Elsewhere, Sanji joins Nami's group to fight S-Shark and S-Snake turns Usopp's group to stone. Just as Shaka finds Vegapunk and the missing Cipher Pol agents, he is shot and badly injured by an unknown assailant.

Sentomaru orders everyone on Egghead Island to flee the island. When asked why, Sentomaru tells everyone about Ohara being completely destroyed because they defied the world government by studying the Poneglyphs. If the world government is dead serious about killing Dr. Vegapunk, it's because they've considered all the potential scientific consequences and decided to eliminate him anyway. As such, he is very certain that something even worse than that day will happen on Egghead. He mentally begs Luffy to hurry up and leave the island with Vegapunk.

In the command room, Luffy, Lucci, Zoro and Kaku try to deal permanent damage to S-Bear and S-Hawk. Zoro then thinks that the two Seraphs resemble King the Conflagration from Beast Pirates. Shaka is surprised to learn that Kaidou had a Lunarian in his crew, but Zoro tells him that he didn't know what exactly he was. Shaka realizes that King is Alber, who fled Punk Hazard with Kaida. Shaka confirms that the Seraphim were created using the King's Lineage Factor, prompting Zoro to tell Luffy, Lucca, and Kaku to watch out for the flames on the Seraphim's backs, as they speed up but lose their defense when they go out. He apologizes to everyone for not seeing the connection before, especially since King's defining characteristics are his dark skin, black wings, white hair, and fire, which apparently upset the other three that he didn't. Just then, Shaka leaves the room and tells Luffy that he has an idea where Vegapunk is.

In Building A, Nami's group crossed paths with an S-Shark, which knocked Brook's head off his body and badly damaged Edison. As a result, Nami decides to fight Seraphim, even though it looks like Jinbe. She calls Zeus and has him use Raitei to electrocute the S-Shark from the inside, apparently injuring him, while she sobs and apologizes to Jinbe. Unfortunately, S-Shark dives into the ground just as Brook reattachs his head to his neck. He warns Nami to be careful, but the S-Shark emerges and grabs her, but just as Brook is about to retaliate, Sanji attacks and sends the S-Shark flying in a rage, determined to beat the Seraphim to a pulp for hurting Nami.

In Building C, Lilith is furious that S-Snake petrified York, so she shoots her with her Bubble Gun. He scrapes her shoulder but causes her to topple over, and Lilith says it's because the bubble was created from the energy of the sea, and since S-Snake has blood synthesized from an existing Devil Fruit user, he can become prey to the sea. . Franky tries to subdue her, but since S-Snake was just grazing, she quickly gets up and throws Franky away. She fires a laser at Usopp and Lilith, but Franky traps her under a large bubble. However, S-Snake pleads that he is suffering, causing Franky to drop his guard long enough for S-Snake to break free and petrify part of his body with the Femur perfume. Lilith fires several bubbles at her, but she dodges them all and charms her and Usopp before turning them to stone with Mero Mero Mellow.

Underground, Shaka finds all the Cipher Pol agents and Dr. Vegapunk in a lab that was previously used for Devil Fruit research. Shaka is confused by this revelation as Vegapunk asks him who is with him. Shaka turns to see who he is talking about, but much to everyone's dismay, he is shot in the head. Shaka collapses as Vegapunk hears footsteps, a look of horror etched on his face.