One Piece Manga Chapter 1072    
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When Bonney catches Vegapunk, who mentions the promise he made to Kuma that he would never tell her the truth. Meanwhile, Kuma begins to climb the red line. Shaka reveals to the Straw Hats that they can command the Seraphim in Labophase, so Edison, Lilith, Sanji, and Franky head out to regain control of them. As Zoro continues his fight with Kaku, Stussy knocks Kaku unconscious and plans to do the same to Lucci.

Jewelry Bonney turns into a baby and starts crying that she broke something. Dr. Vegapunk, feeling sympathetic, approaches her to see if she's okay and calls for medical help, but this turns out to be a trap by Bonney; once Vegapunk gets close enough, she changes her appearance to look muscular using a special move called Distorted Future and tries to attack Vegapunk with the pipe. He misses when Vegapunk begs her to spare him, but uses another attack called Age Skewer, hitting Vegapunk this time. As a result, Vegapunk's age is literally knocked out and takes on different shapes, while Vegapunk himself reverts to the age of a child.

Picking up the now helpless scientist, Bonney explains that her powers do not permanently affect living things, but now she wants him to tell her exactly why he took Bartholomew Kuma's personality from him. Vegapunk says that if he tells her, the truth will only hurt her. He also tells her that he promised Kuma to keep his secret from her no matter what. As he says this, Kuma himself begins to climb the red line. He gets blown up but continues to fight the marines.

Back on Egghead Island, Bonney refuses to believe Vegapunk's words, especially when he says that Kuma gave up her humanity willingly, but no matter how hard she tries, she refuses to say anything more about her "secret". Bonney then sees a huge door with a bear paw print and deduces that it is connected to Kuma. He opens the door by aging the lock and finds a huge bubble in the shape of a paw. This causes Vegapunk to flashback to when he was with Kuma and how he told him a story about a West Blue scientist who assumed that a person weighs 21 grams less after death, suggesting that the lost weight is the person's soul. Fascinated by the story and wondering if things like memories and imagination also had matter and volume, he intended to use Kumo's Nikyu Nikyu no Mi ability to help prove that it allowed him to take intangible concepts and give them physical form and even transfer them into other. Of course, Kuma figured that Vegapunk wanted Kuma's memories and refused at first, but it seems he eventually gave up. Back in the present, Vegapunk pleads with Bonney not to touch the bubble, calling it nothing but a pain strong enough to kill someone. However, Bonney tells Vegapunk that she is very familiar with her father's powers and that what is in front of her are his memories.

While on the Labophase, Nami freaks out that Rob Lucci was able to hack the device, but Usopp says that as long as Zoro and Brook guard the Thousand Sunny, they'll be fine, even if it's a 2v3 battle. However, this is before Shaka points out that the Seraphim have joined and left the 2v7 battle. Interestingly, Shaka tells the Straw Hats that the Seraphs have a limited capacity to make decisions on their own, which is most likely why they back up CP0 to Labophase despite not being told to. This is a positive thing for the Straw Hats, as it means that if Vegapunk's satellites can give them an order, they can regain control as their authority is higher than that of CP0 and Sentomaru. Edison and Lilith head out to try to regain control, with Sanji and Franky taking off to back them up.

On the Thousand Sunny, Zoro and Brook witness Kaku in his Awakened state, but Zoro remains confident that he can handle him while Brook watches the ship. Kaku attacks Zoro with a move called Kyoku Bigan "Kirimanjaro", circling his neck and shooting with his nose. However, Zoro blocks the attack and turns his head away. Lucci then orders the Seraphim to destroy the Labophase before Vegapunk arrives and they begin trashing the lab.

Suddenly, Stussy bites Kaku in the neck and puts him to sleep. Lucci is confused by Stussy's actions as Lucci says she will put him to sleep as well, while large bat wings sprout from her back. As it turns out, Stussy is actually a clone of Miss Buckingham Stussy, who was a member of the Rocks Pirates and the first ever successful MADS clone.