One Piece Manga Chapter 1068    
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CP0 arrives at Egghead and despite Pythagoras' efforts to convince them, they decide to continue. Meanwhile, to the Dragon's shock, Kuma teleports away from Momoiro Island. Meanwhile, Vegapunk reveals his dream and explains that his connection to the Void Century is why the World Government wants to eliminate him. After learning of CP0's presence, the group watches as a battle begins, during which Luffy and Rob Lucci spot each other.

Pythagoras thanks CP0 for returning the Seraphim to Egghead Island and says he can go back on his own. He also says that they can leave since their mission is now complete, but the agents are not so easily convinced. Kaku in particular tells Pythagoras not to be so cold to them because they spent a long time trying to reach him, so he should at least show some hospitality. However, Pythagoras says they should try the G-14 branch instead. Rob Lucci decides to talk to Pythagoras and asks him if he knows anything about the missing ship near Egghead Island.

When Pythagoras asks for clarity, Lucci explains that two months ago a ship disappeared from CP5, and a month ago a ship disappeared from CP7, and about two weeks ago one from CP8. He questions why none of these World Government ships have been seen or heard from again, and Pythagoras says that he should have confirmed that they had all departed, but Lilith takes the Den Den Mushi from him and angrily accuses him of blaming them for the disappearance. Pythagoras manages to get Lilith to stop talking and hangs up on Lucci. In response, Lucci requests that Seraphim, nicknamed "S-Bear", use his powers to get everyone to the island, meaning they would abandon the ship and let it be destroyed by the mechanized sea beasts. On Momoiro Island, the Revolutionary Army continues to pursue Bartholomew Kuma, who uses his Devil Fruit powers to get off the island.

In the scrap, Luffy asks Dr. Vegapunk why he wants him to take him off the island, especially since his lab is here. Vegapunk admits that this is true, but also says that he has completely exhausted all of the World Government's research funds and has been doing whatever he wants ever since. Despite this, he does not have the manpower or resources to continue to implement his ideas. He then announces that his big dream is to use science to create a world where energy is provided for free for all. Luffy doesn't exactly understand, and Jinbe tells him that the resources that produce energy are often fought over by other countries, leading to war. Vegapunk confirms and says that energy exists everywhere in the world and wishes to convert it into usable power, thus removing the need for such wars.

Although he doesn't quite understand it yet, Luffy says that he doesn't wish to be a hero, but says that a person who wants to make others happy is good, but still wonders why he wants to leave Egghead. Vegapunk says that the energy he is trying to find was what powered the ancient robot and in trying to find it he had to explore the Void Century and eventually discover the truth. Just then they hear an explosion and Vegapunk says that because he's gone too deep, the world government wants to kill him. He also speculates that CP0 has arrived and further speculates that they are responsible for the explosion, resulting in Jinbe and Vegapunk telling Luffy what CP0 is compared to CP9.

Meanwhile, Lucci, Kaku, Stussy and their troops arrived in Fabriophase and Kaku was left in awe of the futuristic island. The people see them and are confused by their unique appearance and arrival when they notice that the two Sea Beasts have been destroyed. Pythagoras tells Shaka that CP0 was able to attack Egghead, causing Usopp and Nami to freak out. Seeing how willing they were to sacrifice their ship and use the S-Bear to attack against them, Shaka decides to respond in kind. He orders all researchers to evacuate and has Atlas return to Labophase, while also having the S-Shark and Seraphim clones of Dracula Mihawk and Bo Hancock (called "S-Hawk" and "S-Snake") ready for battle. , with Sentomaru in charge of their command.

Back at the junkyard, Vegapunk asks Luffy if he will take him off the island, which he eventually accepts, though the deciding factor was that Vegapunk's head is so weird. Still, Vegapunk expresses his gratitude and tells them to bring Jewelry Bonney with them to Labophase and that they should all leave before Fabriophase becomes a battleground. With that, Vegapunk teleports away, leaving Luffy and Chopper surprised.

Meanwhile, the CP0 agents are confronted by Vegapunk's holograms. Their weapons don't work and Kaku's attacks also prove futile, even though he was excited to fight something like a space monster. Stussy tells everyone that it's just a hologram, much to their chagrin that she didn't mention it sooner. Lucci admits that Stussy is well informed and says that being on Egghead is nostalgic for her. Kaku decides to fly over the cloud that Labophase is on, but Stussy shows two lines on the cloud. He then says that if anyone crosses that boundary, lasers will be fired, as Kaku has gone through the "Frontier Dome", which serves as the containment system that protects the Labophase. Kaku ends up getting hit and falls back to the ground, prompting both him and Lucci to tell her not to be so shy and tell them these things beforehand.

Eventually, Atlas arrives on the scene and tries to fight them, but Shaka warns her that she is no match for them, and she is proven right when Lucci transforms into her hybrid form and attacks Atlas with the Rokuogan, destroying half of her face . process. Atlas collapses, prompting all researchers to begin evacuating as Lucci notes that Atlas is still alive. Just then, Luffy and the others arrive at the top and he and Lucci lock eyes.