One Piece Manga Chapter 1065    
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As Caribou prepares to leave the Thousand Sunny, Sanji's group learns more about how the island is a source of energy. After Lilith leaves, they are confronted by a Jinbe-like Seraph. This confusion quickly turns into a battle as the unit uses a Sui Sui no Mi-like ability to avoid the group's attacks. Both Lilith and Edison watch the battle. Shaka then arrives to stop the battle. As he explains the origins of the technology on Egghead originally from the Void Century, Luffy's group encounters an ancient giant robot.

On the Thousand Sunny, Zoro tells Brook that the reason he decided to stay was because he wanted to make sure he could save the crew if they were captured since they were on an island affiliated with the World Government. Brook reciprocates the sentiment about his decision to stay and the two drink tea as Caribou finally speaks. He reveals that he had arranged with the crew to drop him off away from Wan, but he didn't think they would be headed for Government Island. However, Zoro ignores his concerns and, to his anger, tries to send him on his way.

Inside the lab, Usopp and Nami are enjoying themselves on the escalator while Franky asks Lilith how everything is powered and she says it's running on fire. Franky says it goes through many sources, which is why Lilith says she's always looking for new sources. He then walks through a wall before taking a call from Edison. He walks on while the rest of the straw pirates go through the wall. Edison introduces himself and lets everyone go straight ahead.

While doing so, Nami is struck by the thought that there may be "future treasure" on the island, prompting Usopp to comment that her tastes seem to differ between a little girl and an old woman, prompting Nami to angrily kick him. However, all five find their attention focused on an unexpected sight: one of the Seraphim units that resembles Jinbe as a child. The group begins to speculate as to what he might be, but Franky eventually correctly deduces that they are facing another pacifist. His suspicions are confirmed when Seraph (designated 04 S-Shark) fires a laser at the group, causing them all to scatter.

As they recover, Usopp laments that they may have been lured into a trap while Nami pulls Zeus out. Unfortunately, he can't bring himself to fight as Seraph looks like a child, prompting S-Shark to take the first step and dive into the ground, much like Senor Pink's Sui Sui no Mi powers that Franky remembers. S-Shark jumps up from the ground and grabs Nami by the neck, prompting an enraged Sanji to fire kick her in the face. Robin follows up with Gigante Fleur: Sea Serpent Snapdragon Spank, but S-Shark dodges and prepares to use Fish-Man Karate on her, but Usopp shoots S-Shark with Midori Boshi: Dokuro Bakuhatsu So. Unfortunately for him, S-Shark dodges and emerges from under Usopp and grabs him. Sanji moves to save him, but Franky decides to fire Radical Beam at Seraph instead.

Edison watches the battle from afar and is surprised to see Franky able to use laser beams, which he deems risky for Seraph as he has not yet put them through laser testing. Lilith, who was with him, agrees that the Seraphim are expensive to manufacture, enraged that the crew may have caused irreversible damage to the S-Shark. Edison then comes up with an idea and flies off to write down the plans, leaving Pythagoras to watch the fight. Pythagoras says that battle data like this is hard to come by. As Edison works, he asks York to get something to eat, which she does.

As the fight continues, Pythagoras notes that the S-Shark's attack patterns continue to evolve as he grows, suggesting that the lineage factor may preserve some of a person's memories and abilities. As he considers dealing with the problems resulting from Seraphim's accelerated growth, he becomes uncomfortable as he has to use the bathroom. Since he's so busy right now, he leaves the task to York, who says how relaxed she is when she's done, which Edison and Pythagoras say too. Meanwhile, Atlas says she needs to punch something to help her digest it. York then falls asleep.

Eventually, Shaka arrives and orders the S-Shark to stop, while berating Edison, Lilith, and Pythagoras for using the Straw Hats to gather battle data. He also magnetically glues everyone's feet to the floor, which he says is because he doesn't quite trust everyone yet. Shaka asks if everyone thinks the island looks like the future, to which Franky confirms that it does. However, to his surprise, Shaka claims that the island is actually the past. When Franky asks what he means, Shaka tells him that 900 years ago there was a highly advanced kingdom that had more technology than today.

Elsewhere, Luffy's group stumble upon a junkyard and find an ancient but highly advanced robot that Luffy and Chopper want to ride.