One Piece Manga Chapter 1039    
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With their attacks now doing significant damage to Big Mom, but their bodies on the verge of unconsciousness, Law and Kid mount a final tag team attack against the Emperor. Law manages to reach Big Mom and penetrate her with his K-ROOM-enhanced sword, extending it to the Wano mainland many kilometers below. He then fires off another shockwave that damages Big Mom and opens a hole beneath her. Before Big Mom can counterattack, Kid arrives with a gun made of magnetized scrap metal and fires a laser at her, blasting her into a hole, with nothing between her and land.

Momonosuke continues to try to drag Onigashi away from the Flower Capital just as he hears a voice call out to him.

On the living floor of the castle, the Beasts Pirates react in horror as they witness Big Mom run over by Eustace Kid's giant metal bull while his crew and Law's crew cheer them on. Law jumps on Kid's bull and tells him that was the second time he waited for Law to use his finishing move before moving in with his as if trying to take credit for her injury. Kid tells him that his petty view of being his "opening act" is extremely pointless, but Law tells him to go first next time, only for Kid to tell him not to give him orders and that if he used his trump card , nothing will be left of her, to which Law tries to figure out what Kid's last move would be when Kid refused to reveal.

As they argue, Big Mom gets back to her feet, her right arm clearly broken, even admitting that Law's powers are dangerous for breaking some ribs. She uses her powers to grant a soul to her bones and restore them. Law then tells Kid that he'll be out of energy when he uses his next attack, so he'll have to finish things himself, only for Kid to remind him not to scold him. Big Mom does her Maser Saber combo attack and cuts through the Baby Bull, but since he made it out of scrap metal bonded together by magnetism, he doesn't care about its condition as he can put it back together. Big Mom tells the two of them that they need to stop dreaming of dethroning her since they've ruled the seas for decades, but Kid jumps off the bull and assigns the South Pole to her forehead and the North Pole to the wall. behind her, causing her to be drawn to him and unable to move.

The Kid then attacks Big Mom again, but she uses the wall itself to block the attack. He then unleashes an attack called Bahoho: Misery, creating a giant woman of fire and lightning that knocks Kida to the ground. However, Law uses his Devil Fruit powers to warp the tower above her head, crushing her and knocking her onto her back. Law then swipes his K-ROOM sword again and stabs her through the chest, but this time he makes the sword super long; long enough to blast right through the floating island and all the way down to the surface of Wan, which Yamato is watching. Big Mom starts thrashing at Law to get him to let her go, but he holds on and drives his sword even deeper with a powerful attack called Puncture Wille, causing Big Mom to howl in pain as his attack makes a hole in both the island and the Wano that even Momonosuke can see.

Big Mom makes Misery focus her attention on Law, but before it can hit him, Kid appears in the air with his trump card: a railgun made from scrap metal to channel his electromagnetic energy. He uses Damned Punk to fire a huge energy blast at Big Mom, hitting her right in the chest as Law declares that her era is over.