One Piece Manga Chapter 1004    
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Having taken Tama to Onigashima on her ship, Speed ​​feeds the kibi dango-taming Tamino several Gifters to make her obey, and together with the tamed Gifters from Bakura City and the Prison Mine, they begin to fight against their former crew. Tama, Usopp, and Nami ride Komachiyo to where Franky and Sasaki are fighting, and Usopp shoots a dango into the mouths of the other Gifters while Nami holds Ulti back with a lightning attack. When Sasaki is distracted by this turn of events, Franky takes advantage and wounds him with her sword.

Meanwhile, Black Maria's group has recaptured Sanji, and Tobiroppo tells Sanji to call Robin through a special mask that will broadcast throughout the castle. Black Maria then receives word that Bao Huang has found nine red sheaths in the treasury and agrees to go there and kill them. However, Bao Huang sees a tenth person in the room, a mysterious person tending to their wounds.

On Onigashima, Shinuchi Speed ​​delivers a bag full of Kibi Dango to several Gifters, telling them that they were made with the Queen's special tonics and will support their body's natural healing process. Some weren't sure if they would work, but Briscola, who ate one, says they did. He tells Gifters that there's enough for everyone and they have a muscle-strengthening effect, which turns them on even more.

Speed ​​then remembered Tama telling her that she wanted her help to take her to Onigashima because no one else would take her with them. While they were on their way to the island, Tama did some Kibi Dango despite being tired. Speed ​​told her to stop, but Tama kept making them, saying that each one would make a new ally. She also told her that she wanted to see Wano without Kaido and Orochi and one with Momonosuke as shogun so that she would never be hungry again. Speed ​​agreed to fight for her along with Gazelleman and Daifugo, who were also tamed by Tama. They decided to hide until the moment was right.

Currently, Gazelleman and Daifugo continue to distribute Kibi Dango to various donors. Some of the Udon prisoners notice Daifugo and try to attack him, but Daifugo tells them that it's all water under the bridge. He then shoves a dango into the mouths of the Gifters and Shinuchi, such as Mizerka and Poker, and declares that they will all serve their new master.

In the Right Brain Tower at the Skull Dome, Franky uses General Left on Sasaki, but he brushes them off as he tries to ram into Franky. Luckily, Franky stops him by grabbing him by the corner and throwing him onto his back. Before he can attack again, he is caught by Sasaki's armored corps, leaving him to be bumped by Sasaki. Franky then hears Usopp, Nami, and Tama calling out to him. Just as he is about to ask them for help, they ask him for help instead. They see an army of Gifters in pursuit as Sasaki orders them to block their path before declaring that their side has the advantage in numbers. However, Tama announces that she's here to turn it around, while Nami and Usopp drop it and stick their tongues out at him. Tama yells at the Gifters to help Franky, to which they agree, and in the confusion, the armored corps lose control of Franky, allowing him to avoid Sasaki's attack.

Sasaki asks what's going on, and Page One and the Ulti, who have caught up with the Straw Hats, tell Sasaki that the Gifters and Shinuchi have turned on them and to take them out. He asks if they've become traitors, but Ulti deduces that it's the Devil Fruit's work. She jumps into the air and tells Nami that she must want her skull smashed. However, Nami uses her Thunder Lance Tempo to land a blow on Ulti, much to Page One's horror. Nami knows that the lightning attack of this power will not be enough to defeat her as she needs something even more powerful. Usopp uses his sniper skills to fire a Kibi Dan-boshi into the Armored Corp's mouth, flipping them over to his side. Sasaki demands that they go back, but Franky kicks him in the face before slashing him with his Shori no V-Flash, injuring him.

In the banquet hall, Black Maria has Sanji tied up in his nets, revealing that he has defeated all of her male subordinates but has never hurt her female subordinates, which he believes is the reason why he lost to her. She then demands that he call Nico Robin and tells him to speak to one of her subordinates so that his voice can be heard throughout the castle and she will release him in return. Sanji asks her what she wants with Robin, and Black Maria replies that they will capture her, mutilate her to incapacitate her, and kill her once they are finally done with her. Sanji tells Black Maria not to underestimate Robin. On the performance floor, Bao Huang informs King that she found the nine red sheaths in the treasury. King asks if someone else can consult with him since he himself is currently busy and Black Maria agrees to go since the Treasure Repository is connected to the third floor. Sanji worries that the Sheaths have been defeated and begs Black Maria not to kill them.

Bao Huang warns Black Maria to be careful as he discovers one more person in the room trying to help the group.