One Piece Manga Chapter 1002    
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The fight between the five supernovas and the two emperors escalates as Kaidou's dragon form begins to attack them. Luffy, Zoro, Law, Kid, and Killer unleash a flurry of attacks on his dragon form, injuring him until Big Mom hits with powerful lightning and hits all the supernovas. Luffy, who is made of rubber, is unharmed and continues to savagely attack Kaido.

Kaidou uses Kaifu to unleash several wind blades on the worst generation, but Law uses his powers to avoid them. Killer also jumps out of the way while Kid is hit, but despite Killer's concerns, Kid tells him that he's fine because the golem is made of trash that he can reattach. Zoro deflects the wind blade while Luffy avoids them, closes in on Kaidou and hits him with the Gomu Gomu no Kong Rifle, injuring him. Kid moves under Kaida and grabs him by the head with his robot, slamming him into the roof with Slam Gibson, causing him pain as well. Law maneuvers around Kaidou with his powers before stabbing him with the gamma knife, saying that even though he's never seen a dragon's guts before, he assumes its heart was where he stabbed. The attack will also damage Kaido.

Kaidou shakes them off and admits that they recognized how tough his defenses are, acknowledging that they are more than mindless fools relying on guts. Killer starts running around Kaidou's body, saying that he needs to cut through his scales inside, then uses Kamaa Sonic to damage him from the inside. However, Killer is struck by Big Mom's Indra and declares that as long as they are out in the open, no one will escape her. Kaidou admits that the worst generation is annoying, but before he can bite Killer, Luffy hits him with Gomu Gomu no Rhino Schneider. Kaidou prepares to use Bolo Breath again, but Zoro tells Law to move him into the air, which he reluctantly does. He starts a fire with Homura Saki to protect Luffy while he uses Hiryu: Kaen on Kaido. Big Mom warns Kaido to back off because the sword Zoro was using is no ordinary sword. Unfortunately, Zoro misses his attack and ends up cutting off one of the skull Dome's horns, while Kaidou tries to figure out why Oden's presence can be sensed in this sword.

Zoro is hit by Big Mom's Lightning God: Tenjin while the others try to block it. Luffy is also hit, but escapes unscathed, much to Big Mom's confusion. Luffy yells at Big Mom that he's rubber so her lightning won't work on him. He tells her that she will pay for hitting everyone the way she did, but Luffy gets hit by Kaidou's Bolo Breath. Much to Kaidou's surprise, Luffy also emerged unharmed, claiming that his guts protected him. He then hits Kaido with the Gomu Gomu no Kong Gatling.